I know a place: Carsac president Judy Yu

Grace MW Wong


"In the past I focused on food with intense and heavy flavours. But as I grow older, I appreciate the original and pure taste of ingredients.

I am adventurous and love to try new restaurants. My current preferred dim sum place is the in Harbour City (3/F, Gateway Arcade, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2613 9889). My favourite is the barbecued pork pineapple bun.

Most of the time I dine at fancy restaurants to entertain my business friends and customers. For fine-dining Cantonese, I like (3/F Royal Plaza Hotel, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok, tel: 2622 6161). The head chef there used to work for my Yugamama restaurant back in Lee Gardens. His must-eat item is the stir-fried Taiwanese rice noodles, but the hotel uses a different noodle so it can't replicate the taste I miss.

My destination for Italian food is ( 2/F Alexandra House, 5-17 Des Voeux Road, Central, tel: 2537 8859), besides in Milan, Italy (Via Bagutta 1, 20121, tel: +39 02 7602 2297), where they have the best pizza. Otto e Mezzo's burrata cheese with arugula and Sicilian tomatoes, along with risotto with fava beans and zucchini, which is not listed on the menu, are my top choices.

My latest discovery is the newly opened in Wan Chai (32-38 Cross Lane, tel: 2574 1118). I love their , a boiled dish of vegetables and fish cakes. The tempura is great and so is their speciality: thin slices of wagyu beef and fresh vegetables, each steaming over a rack.

(12C Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, tel: 2893 6900) is a small eatery I frequent. My favourites are the risotto hairy crab and spaghetti with hairy crab.

As long as I can afford to treat others, sharing good food is one of the happiest things I enjoy in life."