Andrea’s reveals golden touches in regional Chinese cuisine at Wynn Palace, Macau

Andrea’s restaurant at Wynn Palace reveals fine modern twists to classic Chinese regional dishes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 April, 2018, 1:06pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 April, 2018, 1:06pm

Andrea’s restaurant at Wynn Palace is splendidly decorated in gold, with lots of gold leaf and an impressive matching carpet. It is also a fine place to savour some classic Chinese regional dishes with contemporary touches.

The restaurant has recruited a team of chefs from different regions in China to prepare some household regional dishes - from Sichuan to Hunan, Yunnan and Huaiyang - at the theatrical show kitchen.

We began the night with Andrea’s signature tofu chrysanthemum soup with fresh abalone. The bean curd was finely shredded and carefully placed in the chicken broth to create a beautiful chrysanthemum flower’s shape. The soupand smooth bean curd shreds were light and savoury. This is a heart-warming and satisfying dish for anyone who loves to begin a meal with a soothing hot soup.

We then tried the Sichuanese textures of Australian green lip abalone, jellyfish and yellow chicken, along with the yuxiang crispy eggplant. These dishes are a twist on the famous Sichuan-style mouth-watering chicken and Sichuan eggplant respectively. The eggplant was deep-fried instead of traditionally stir-fried, and was crispy and appetising.

We then had the 36 hours slow-cooked, grain-fed beef ribs with spring onion pancakes. Cooked in lotus leaves for 36 hours, the ribs were tender, full of flavours, and delicious with or without the pancakes. We ordered a dessert of fermented rice wine soup.

It was hot and sweet with some tiny glutinous rice balls, and had a delightful wine fragrance. It was a perfect ending to a fine evening of regional cuisine. Lee Wing-sze