Mizumi serves authentic sushi, tempura and teppanyaki at Wynn Macau

Japanese restaurant also has a fine sake collection

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 June, 2018, 9:01am
UPDATED : Monday, 18 June, 2018, 9:01am

With contemporary red and gold tones, fine-dining Japanese restaurant Mizumi at Wynn Macau serves authentic sushi, tempura and teppanyaki dishes using exquisite ingredients. It also has a fine sake collection.

Master chef Hideki Fujikaw put on a show at the sushi table with his cutting skills and sushi-making. We kicked off by savouring a sashimi dish featuring toro tuna from Wakayama, yellowtail and Hokkaido surf clam and Ugono-Tsuki Kinsen daiginjo. The fatty tuna was so fresh. The yellowtail, came with seasoned turnip and green onion, was delightful, and the surf clam had a briny tang.

We went on trying its sushi of toro tuna from Wakayama, sea urchin, hairy crab and botany shrimp from Hokkaido, and flounder from Aomori, accompanied by a glass of Manaturu Mana 1751 Premium junta daiginjo. While the rice was perfectly prepared, the sushi was bite size, allowing the palate to fully enjoy the meat and rice.

Next, we had tempura of prawns from Kagoshima, Aichi shiso leaf with Hokkaido sea urchin, Nagasaki asparagus and Tokushima lotus roots. The light and crispy batter showed the essence of the deep-fried delicacy. The sweet sea urchin and shiso leaf was tasty. We also enjoyed the succulent Yaeyama Wagyu beef teppanyaki.

Last, we wrapped up the night with traditional Japanese dessert Warabimochi with soybean powder and melted Okinawa sugar ice-cream, and the aromatic Shizuoka melon.