I call it "capital punishment" - the act of people using capital letters in emails to make their important point more, well, important.

Most of us will have encoun-tered someone with an unhealthy relationship with the Caps Lock key, the huffin' and puffin' type who, in a moment of rage, fires off emails while bashing the keyboard, steam billowing from both ears.

In the rushed world of online communication, all-caps has become a fast way to convey an emotion - whether it's one of excitement or agitation. But when used to demonstrate the latter it's considered poor netiquette and internet shorthand for yelling.

The caps issue annoyed Belgian software developer Pieter Hintjens so much that in 2006 he launched an (unsuccessful) "CAPSoff" campaign to permanently remove the offending key from the keyboard.

Then there are extreme cases such as that in New Zealand in 2009, when an office worker's addiction to the Caps Lock button got her fired (colleagues complained that her all-capped emails were too "shouty" and confrontational). In 2014, a British judge in a custody case ordered a man to stop emailing his children in all caps, saying it was the same as shouting at them.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when capital letters are necessary: DO NOT press the WORLD-DESTROYING red button; READ below email ELSE YOU WILL SELF COMBUST; eat the LAST piece of chocolate cake in the fridge and YOU WILL DIE are a few examples.

Repeating capped words to shout even louder is also VERY VERY VERY annoying. Maybe authors of emails such as these should consider applying fluoro-coloured fonts to help get their VERY VERY VERY important message across.

I rest my case.