An art-for-awareness project launched by Hong Kong charity Ocean Recovery Alliance aims to show the link between our drains and ocean pollution.

Collaborating with seven artists, including Liina Klauss and Man Chi-loy, the charity plans to, as part of the Grate Art project, install ceramic tiles painted with messages on pave­ments above storm drains throughout the Southern District. And for good reason.

“The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that 80 per cent of trash in our oceans comes from land, much of which gets washed into our waters from our streets and communities via drains, gutters and sewage systems,” says Doug Woodring, co-founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance.

“Given the recent high levels of trash on our beaches, this need for awareness and education comes at an important time. Our Hong Kong-based project is one of the first environmental undertakings to combine local art with storm drain pollution awareness by putting colourful reminders next to the grates along the gutters.”

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The first set of tiles, which will hopefully be attached tightly, will be installed in Ap Lei Chau, Aberdeen, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay and Stanley.