If sending flowers or a card to mark a special occasion seems a tad passé, then a new service from British firm Boomf might be for you.

Boomf combines the love of all things sweet with the love of technology by allowing customers to transfer Instagram images along with personalised messages onto marshmallows. Customers can purchase either nine personalised marshmallows either in a box or as "mallowpops" - on sticks.

Founded in November 2013 by James Middleton (the entrepreneurial brother of Britain's Duchess of Cambridge, Kate) and Andy Bell - who looks after the digital side - the company has now set up an office in Hong Kong and has been making its first physical appearance in the city, at the inaugural Food Truck Festival at Central's PMQ, which ends on Sunday.

Visitors to the festival have been treated to some special designs, including marshmallows that resemble mahjong tiles and special-edition boxes for Mother's Day.

At the time they started the company, Middleton said: "Everything we do is about bringing people together and helping get parties started. I want people to celebrate and Boomf is an intuitive way to do just that."

Hong Kong seems like an obvious destination on the firm's expansion map.

"It makes sense for Boomf to launch here," says Bell. "Hongkongers are open-minded and fun loving and we're sure they will get the multisensory delight that is the edible selfie.

"Even before Boomf had a physical presence in Hong Kong, we have always generated a great reaction in the territory [through a global delivery service]. There's something like a love affair between Hong Kong and Boomf so we wanted to be here and be part of it."

And as for the name, Boomf is the noise a marshmallow makes when it falls through a letterbox.

For more information, visit boomf.com