Sleeep, in the uber-cool district of Sheung Wan, is a hi-tech capsule hotel concept that aims to provide high-quality, eco-friendly sleeping environments for clients by the hour or by the night.

“Sleeep is all about providing stressed-out Hongkongers and design- and tech-loving travellers an environment to R&R – relax and recharge,” says co-founder Alex Kot, who believes a good kip can further one’s professional and personal lives.

“Our target market is the young creative urban traveller who loves design and technology,” he says. “Our other market is the nappers who check in for one hour, two hours, three hours … 12 hours.”

The Sleeep experience is centred on a capsule called a SLPer. “Hop in,” says Kot as he pulls back the black magnetic curtain of one of the eight on site. The first thing that strikes you as you slide in is the super-soft, comfortable bedding.

“When you make your booking online, you can also personalise your bed, requesting a soft or firm mattress, thick or thin blanket or a memory foam or eco-down pillow,” says Kot.

Settled into the wood-lined, womb-like capsule, Kot adjusts the lighting.

“The light will come on just like a sunrise. You can also programme a blue light to imitate real sunlight – this should induce your hormones and wake you up slowly.”

It’s not just the smart lighting system that is designed to work with your body clock – the air supply and climate controls are also based on scientific findings, to give occupants the best quality sleep possible.

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Sleeep XOs (that’s Experience Officers to you and me) are available – physically or virtually – to provide assistance. And sustainability is a huge part of Sleeep’s mission, from its paperless operations and 100 per cent LED lightings, to the heat recovery system for showers, organic cotton towels and locally sourced amenities.

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