"Ten seconds. That's all the time it takes to fold," says Dino Chan, as he executes a few quick manoeuvres, transforming the bicycle he's holding into something that is easy to carry.

Made from carbon and weighing only 8kg, the Strida C1, which has just been launched in Hong Kong, is a portable, belt-driven, folding bicycle with a distinctive "A"-shaped collapsible frame, designed by British engineer and designer Mark Sanders. The bike is ideal for those with limited storage space, which is most of us in Hong Kong. And cyclists will be happy to know that it is unlikely to stoke the ire of railway officials.

"When folded, it can be taken on the MTR. But if you're taking it on a bus, or minibus, you have to put it into a bag," says Chan, founder of local bike distributor Green Urban Mobility.

Chan, a keen cyclist, says he set up Green Urban Mobility, in 2005, "to give people eco-friendly alternatives to get around urban environments. We see bicycles as a way to help solve some of our traffic and environmental problems."

The Strida C1, which sells for HK$28,800, is available at Green Urban Mobility, 119B Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2317 6555.