How Netflix’s It’s Okay to Not Be Okay K-drama star Seo Ye-ji made luxury Korean fashion brands like Minju Kim, Subyul and Eenk famous – check out the amazing outfits she wore on the show

Seo Ye-ji's wardrobe in the Netflix show It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is full of delicious pieces by Korean labels – the K-drama star is pictured here in a white gown worn with a crochet bustier by luxe Korean fashion brand Eenk. Photo: TVN
Korean designers are finally having a big moment in the sun now that K-pop and K-drama taking over the world. Take Netflix’s latest hit It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, for instance. The K-drama actress Seo Ye-ji’s stunning fashion choices have wowed fans and fashion lovers, and while outfits from notable luxury labels like Chanel and Cartier feature in her wardrobe, Seo has also thrown local Korean brands into the international spotlight – here are a few of our favourite ones.


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay lead star Seo Ye-ji. Photo: TVN

While Seo’s character, Ko Moon-young, loves her Cartier jewellery, she also frequently turns to local brands for deliciously ornate pieces. Korean brand Subyul is behind these beautiful emerald drop earrings.

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Playnomore’s Micro Candy bag. Photo: TVN
Seo Ye-ji with Playnomore’s Micro Candy bag in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Photo: TVN; Playnomore

Seo accessorises this magenta floral dress with a bold handbag from Playnomore in textured midnight blue croc and chunky chain detailing, giving the feminine outfit an edgy appeal.

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Minju Kim

Seo Ye-ji in a pink co-ord set by Netflix’s Next in Fashion designer Minju Kim. Photo: tvN
Minju Kim is famous among fashion enthusiasts for her Netflix show Next in Fashion , and has attained ever-starrier heights since Seo began wearing her designs. This lovely pink co-ord set by Minju Kim highlights Seo’s tiny waist, defined by the full skirt and the crop top.
Seo Ye-ji in a layered Minju Kim gown. Photo: TVN

Seo is seen here in another Minju Kim creation, this time a layered confection doing duty as a nightgown. She’s certainly got the damsel-in-distress look down pat!

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Joy Gryson

Seo Ye-ji with a Joy Gryson white leather moon-shape bag. Photo: TVN and Joy Gryson

In the scene where Seo wears the Minju Kim co-ord set, she is carrying an elegant half-moon shaped bag from Korean brand Joy Gryson. The shoulder strap has a chunky tortoiseshell chain, a fabulous detail that goes well with the buttery cream leather body.

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Seo Ye-ji in an gown paired with a crochet bustier by Eenk. Photo: tvN

Ye-ji wears a simple, pure white gown with full sleeves, elevated by a crochet bustier top by boho luxury brand Eenk.

Seo Ye-ji in a gorgeous silk robe by Eenk. Photo: TVN

True to the brand’s design ethos is this fabulous pure silk robe that Ye-ji wears over a navy slip.

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On Netflix’s It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Seo Ye-ji often wears luxury labels like Chanel and Cartier but also represents some of Korea’s top local brands, such as Minju Kim, Subyul, Eenk and Playnomore – a look at some of the K-drama star’s fashionable ‘local’ moments on the hit TV show