Where to buy new and pre-owned Rolexes online: 6 of the most trustworthy marketplaces that verify authenticity, from eBay, StockX and The RealReal, to Jomashop, Bob’s Watches and Tourneau

Trust is important when shopping online for both new and pre-owned Rolexes. Photo: @therealreal/Instagram

Rolex is arguably the most recognisable watch brand in existence – and for good reason.

For more than a century, it has produced some of the best Swiss-made timepieces. Worn by everyone from US presidents and A-list celebrities to Cern scientists and professional scuba divers, Rolex is widely known as a watch brand that’s equally timeless in style and high-end in build. And if you’re in the early stages of acquiring your own, you’re likely looking for where to buy Rolex watches online.
The Rolex Milgauss was discontinued in 2023. Photo: Chrono24
As one of the most famous and desirable watch brands, Rolex is undoubtedly expensive, but you shouldn’t count yourself out from ever owning one. Rather than going directly to a Rolex dealer where you’ll end up paying MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) or potentially higher, you can save money by shopping pre-owned watches or starting the process of vetting online dealers. You usually won’t be able to finish your transaction online if you’re buying a brand new Rolex, but some retailers that have in-person locations will offer pricing transparency online as you start your search.

We’ve rounded up six of the best places to shop for Rolex watches (and other luxury timepiece brands) online. Here you’ll learn about how each shop verifies authenticity, and their other benefits like warranties and accurate pricing.

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1. Bob’s Watches

Bob’s Watches is a well-established watch exchange. Photo: @bobswatches/Instagram

As the world’s first pre-owned and vintage Rolex watch exchange, Bob’s Watches definitely has authority in the online market. Whether you’re knowledgeable about luxury timepieces or not, Bob’s Watches ensures you get the best price.

While buying a US$6,000 Rolex for US$2,000 and reselling it for US$10,000 is a common occurrence in watch dealing, Bob’s Watches shows prices for buying and provides accurate quotes to sellers after inspecting watches, so both buyers and sellers know that the margin is fair.

It’s also backed by an extensive group of authentication and watch repair experts. Your watch comes with a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a warranty from Bob’s Watches.

2. Tourneau

Whether you prefer brand new or pre-owned, Tourneau is a trustworthy place to buy Rolex watches. Photo: Tourneau
As a certified Rolex dealer, Tourneau sells both classic and newly released Rolex watches. From classic timepieces that have been offered for decades like the yellow gold Day-Date, to this year’s latest exclusive releases, you can easily track down the watch you’re interested in.

One of the nice things about shopping at Tourneau is that MSRPs are listed on its pages so you generally know what you’re getting into. And while brand new Rolex watches are rarely sold online, you can contact your nearest Tourneau location via phone or email to set up an in-store visit to the shop and purchase. It has over 20 locations in the United States, so finding a place to shop isn’t hard especially if you’re close to a major city like New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco or Las Vegas.

Rolex Sea-Dwellers are sport watches with good investment value. Photo: Tourneau

If you’re looking to shop completely online, save some money on a classic design, or collect vintage watches, pre-owned is the way to go. All of Tourneau’s certified authentic pre-owned watches go through a meticulous 30-point inspection by an expert watchmaker and come with a two-year warranty. You can shop by selecting watch models and refining searches to only include watches with the original box and paperwork, so diehard collectors can always find what they’re interested in.

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When you’re ready to purchase, Tourneau offers free two-day shipping. You can choose to have it shipped directly to you or a local Tourneau location for in-store pickup, which is always a good idea if you need the bracelet adjusted to your wrist.

3. StockX

The MoonSwatch from Swatch x Omega is made of bioceramic, which is a unique mix of ceramic and material derived from castor oil. Photo: Omega

Even though StockX is better known as one of the best places to buy designer bags, shoes and clothing online, the site is also a marketplace for more collectible items like trainers, trading cards and, of course, watches. The watch section includes everything from affordable yet in-demand watches like G-Shocks, to high-end choices like Rolex, Tudor and Panerai.

StockX is a great place to shop for luxury watches at the best prices because of the sales data provided. You can gauge the market value by looking at previous sales, highest offers, lowest asking prices and original retail prices.

Just like with trainers, every watch from StockX is verified by an expert before it is shipped to you.

4. eBay

eBay launched an authenticity guarantee programme to ensure watch collectors’ peace of mind. Photo: eBay

Online marketplace eBay has long been a go-to destination for collectors of all types, including trainers, trading cards, coins and watches. Although eBay may have a lingering reputation for potential scams or counterfeit items from its early days on the web, the site has taken extensive measures to make it safe and secure for people looking to buy Rolex watches online with its updated authenticity guarantee programme.

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Any watch listed for over US$2,000, which is essentially any Rolex or other luxury watch, must go through authentication before it’s shipped to the buyer. A team of professional watch authenticators visually inspect the watch to ensure it matches the listing and checks key points like the bezel, crown, case and any branding.

Professional watch authenticators work with online marketplaces to verify listings. Photo: @phillipswatches/Instagram

With eBay, you can find those rare, one-off watches that you’d never find at a traditional watch retailer. Plus, there are plenty of Rolex watches that have never been worn available on the site, so even if you’re technically buying it as a resell, you’ll still find options in brand new condition.

5. Jomashop

Buying pre-owned watches is a great way to save money on a classic design. Photo: Jomashop

Jomashop has an extensive catalogue of high-end watches, including Rolex, that are in stock and ready to ship. A majority of the timepieces are in brand new condition, but the site does offer a selection of pre-owned watches.

Whether you want to buy a new or pre-owned Rolex watch online, Jomashop stands by the authenticity of all of its watches. The site purchases its inventory from authorised dealers and wholesalers rather than private individual sellers.

While Jomashop’s prices are some of the most affordable, it’s worth noting that most luxury watches do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, Jomashop provides its own warranty.

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6. The RealReal

Apart from watches, The RealReal also sells other new or lightly used luxury accessories. Photo: @therealreal/Instagram
The RealReal is another great place to buy designer bags, shoes and clothing online, known for consigning a wide range of new or lightly used luxury accessories. As long as people are looking to buy used Rolex watches online, you’ll find these and other high-end timepiece brands within its offerings.

You’ll have to sign up before you’re able to shop, but once you create a free account, you’ll gain access to thousands of great deals across the site. Each item lists the original retail price and the current selling price, so it’s made clear if the watch has held value, inflated or deflated since it was new.

By using some of the best authenticators in the industry, The RealReal has become a trusted source for luxury resale items.

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  • Swiss watchmaker Rolex has created iconic timepieces worn by everyone from US presidents and A-list celebrities to astronauts and scuba divers – so where can you buy one of your own?
  • eBay launched an authenticity guarantee programme while Bob’s Watches, Tourneau and Jomashop come with warranties; meanwhile, StockX and The RealReal resell other luxury fashion items too