Named after the high-fashion brand, the Armani Privé club in Milan had gone through an extensive and lavish revamp and is now reopened for the city’s most well-heeled and voguish.

The 640-square-metre space is equipped with a vast but intimate lounge bar and a dance floor. Rich with multicultural accents, the venue is decorated in a warm golden hue by backlit walls with rough textures and luminous table tops with sleek bronze-finish brass. The iconic DJ booth is enhanced by a meticulous arrangement of backlit panels on the wall and the addition of gold metallic mesh. The luxuriousness continues down to the very details of the furniture, from the contoured armchairs to the bronze leather cushions.

As the emblem of the cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle that characterises Armani, guests are greeted with a strong oriental glamour upon entry by the dimly-lit new lantern-shaped logo, and later by the delicate square lanterns on the table inside the club. The club features a different musical programme every day of the week, from live performances to house, to reflect a mix of cultures and styles.

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