South Korean actress Choi Ji-woo, 43, has complained about the release of her husband’s personal information.

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The Korean media outlet Dispatch reported on Tuesday that Choi’s husband is the CEO of an online-to-offline mobile application company, is nine years younger than Choi and that the two were dating for three years before their marriage.

It also said that Choi had helped him with his new business venture in 2014 and that he had changed his name in 2015.

K-drama star Choi Ji-woo married in ‘quiet’ private wedding

The report contradicted an earlier claim by Choi's management agency, YG Entertainment, which said that the couple had dated for a year.

YG Entertainment said Choi was under duress and asked people and the media to refrain from making assumptions.

The actress had surprised her fans by posting a handwritten note on her fan club website saying that couple had held a private wedding in March. But little was revealed at the time about the groom.

She said that the ceremony had been a “quiet” private event because her husband was “not a public figure”.

Choi starred in the seminal Korean television drama Winter Sonata in 2002.

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This article originally appeared on The Korea Times.