Singer Lee Hyo-ri’s slow life on Jeju Island with her musician husband Lee Sang-soon has been ruined by break-ins, curious tourists and pranksters.

In response, the couple have sold their home, which also served as the location for reality TV show Hyori’s Homestay, to JTBC – the cable network that made the programme.

JTBC said it bought the house because of fears the programme’s image would be damaged if it were sold to a third party.

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“There is a possibility that the content image of Hyori’s Homestay could be ruined if it was used for commercial purposes such as an open facility,” JTBC said.

Even before Hyori’s Homestay was aired, the couple were the target of an excessive amount of public attention. But the programme made it worse.

“There were those who knocked on the door of the couple’s home and even trespassed inside,” the channel said. “This kind of privacy violation issue was at a level beyond the expected range.”

Hyori’s Homestay was first aired last year. The second season ran from February to May this year.

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This article was originally written by Jung Da-min for The Korea Times.