Chocolate artisans need no longer search for that perfect reddish-pinkish confectionery to complete their next chocolate masterpiece.

Callebaut, the creator of ruby chocolate – which is produced in Belgium – has announced that its ruby RB1 chocolate will be available for artisan chocolatiers and pastry chefs in Hong Kong this September.

“Offering ruby chocolate to artisans and chefs will unleash a wave of creativity that will lead to exciting new products and concepts for people to enjoy,” says Callebaut’s sales and marketing director William Gong.  

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Made using ruby cocoa beans, ruby chocolate is the first new type of chocolate to be launched since white chocolate was introduced 80 years ago. The other chocolate types are dark and milk.

Ruby chocolate is emerging as a favourite with chefs and chocolatiers because it is less sweet than the other chocolate types, and has a fresh, fruity character and sour notes. No fruit flavouring or colouring is added to ruby chocolate.

“With ruby, you need to unlearn what you would traditionally do with dark, milk or white chocolate. This chocolate opens up a host of new ideas,” says Belgian chocolate champion Marijn Coertjens.

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Ruby chocolate was created more than a decade ago by Barry Callebaut and Jacobs University in Germany.

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