The South Korean television series, Dear Husband of 100 Days, starring D.O., a vocalist with the boy band EXO, and former child actress Nam Ji-hyun, is proving a big hit with viewers.

The tvN 16-part romantic historical drama, which premiered on September 10, has won viewers' hearts and minds, with its latest episode attracting an 11.2 per cent viewership – a record for any tvN Monday-Tuesday series.

Another Miss Oh, broadcast in 2016, s tarring Eric Mun, of the boy band Shinhwa, and actress Seo Hyun-jin, had held the previous ratings record with a viewership of 10 per cent.

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Dear Husband of 100 Days tells the story of the troubled romance between Lee Yool, the crown prince of “virtual Joseon”, played by D.O., and Hong-sim (Nam).

Lee survives an attack by a would-be assassin but ends up losing his memory.

After he forgets that he is a prince, he marries Hong-sim.

However, later his memory starts to return, and when he realises that he is a prince he leaves Hong-sim.

Many viewers have praised the acting of the two leads and the visual beauty of the drama on social media, and say these are the main reasons for its popularity.

The series is now a hot topic on several South Korean discussion websites.

It will end its run on October 30.

D.O. of EXO stars in romantic TV drama ‘Dear Husband of 100 Days’

D.O. has been forging a successful career both as a singer and an actor.

He has featured on screen in numerous hits such as the television series It’s OK, That’s Love in 2014, and last year’s blockbuster film, Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds.

Nam made her debut as a child actress in the MBC drama Say You Love Me in 2004, and has appeared in a variety of productions including the 2017 drama Suspicious Partner.

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This article was originally written by Dong Sun-hwa for The Korea Times .