K-pop sensation Wanna One have released their first studio album titled 1¹¹=1 (Power of Destiny), a little over a month before the 11-member boy band are set to disband

Showcasing their incredible vocals, the title track Spring Breeze is an alternative dance track which sees Wanna One members look back on their past and promise to meet again with their fan club, Wannable.

“With lyrics that read ‘We’ll meet again when the spring breeze passes by,’ the song bids farewell to our fans while at the same time assuring that we’ll defy destiny to be as one,” said Bae Jin-young.

Put together after appearing on the second season of Mnet’s popular Korean reality show Produce 101, the members of Wanna One – the show's 11 finalists – were awarded exclusive contracts until the end of December.

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The past 18 months have been incredible for Wanna One as they have received fervid attention and topped charts with hits like Pick Me, Energetic and Light.

They also completed a 14-city world tour titled One: The World.

When asked if they plan on extending their contracts and prolonging activities as Wanna One, the members gave vague answers.

“Nothing is confirmed yet,” Lee Dae-hwi said. “I think it's not the right time to discuss our end because we just returned with a new album.

“We'll discuss this matter after we're done with promoting our latest single.”

The album also includes tracks Destiny, One's Place, Flowerbomb, One Love, Deeper, Hide and Seek, Awake!, The 12th Star, Pine Tree and part two of their previous single, Beautiful.

Before their comeback, Wanna One were embroiled in a plagiarism controversy over the similarity of their new symbol to the iconic two-face imagery from John Cameron Mitchell's cult musical and film Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Wanna One apologise for unfiltered remarks

“The idea of the origin of love is featured in Plato's Greek classic philosophical text Symposium,” said group leader Yoon Ji-sung.

“We thought of it as a universal human value and philosophical concept of love's origin. But we're sorry for making a fuss. We apologise to those who might’ve been hurt or disappointed.”

Earlier, Wanna One’s label made an official statement that the symbol for the newest album is created based on the same idea from Plato's book, and added it matches the group's unique concepts such as destiny, binarism and infinity.

Wanna One's final comeback show is set to air on Mnet November 22.

Overseas fans can watch the show via M2, Wanna One’s official Facebook page, Mnet Official and Mnet K-POP YouTube channels.

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This article was originally written by Kwak Yeon-soo for The Korea Times