K-pop boy band SHINee has hit the talk-show circuit in South Korea, appearing on MBC’s Radio Star on Wednesday in its comeback following the death of group member Jonghyun in December.

Minho, who does the rap part in the band, helped add some fun to the comeback.

As the popular programme's four hosts introduced the band’s members, they mimicked Minho’s rap performance from his early days, which he sees as too embarrassing to show.

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In Minho's so-called forbidden video, the rapper does the introduction for the then new boy band during its performance of The SHINee World (Doo Bop).

The young and inexperienced Minho tries to make himself and other band members look hip, but instead made viewers cringe.

The programme’s hosts dared Minho to repeat the performance, knowing he rarely lets a challenge go by.

The singer obliged, re-enacting the rap with his awkward, unnatural hand gestures, making the hosts burst into laughter.

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Minho also revealed how he describes band members.

He said: “Bling bling is Jonghyun ... Our energetic Taemin ... Tofu leader Onew and SHINee's almighty Key.” For him, it is, “Flaming Charisma Minho, my name is Minho”.

SHINee released a new album The Story of Light on Monday – the first since the death of Jonghyun.

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