BIGBANG's G-Dragon was reportedly closely watched by a fellow soldier while in a military hospital after an ankle operation.

A letter that the soldier apparently wrote to his girlfriend, who is a fan of the singer, contains a drawing of G-Dragon's tattoos, his underwear size and the location of his moles.

The letter went viral after the soldier's girlfriend posted it on Instagram. It has since been deleted.

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In the letter is a human-like figure that looks like the singer.

The letter reads, “I will tell you what I observed, in case you are curious”. “I love you,” and “[G-Dragon] shakes hands with everyone.”

A lawyer said: “The person who posted the material could face a claim for damages for infringement of personal rights. The military authorities are partly responsible as well, because they failed to supervise the soldiers.”

G-Dragon is serving mandatory military service, but was reportedly given a one-bed hospital room at an Army hospital in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province after an ankle operation. Such rooms are normally reserved for colonels, not for enlisted soldiers.

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The rapper's agency, YG Entertainment denied the claim, saying there was no such thing as a colonel VIP room at the hospital.

But a media outlet insisted that the hospital's operation system had classified G-Dragon's room as a “ward for colonels”. The outlet also claimed the celebrity had more sick leave than is permitted.

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This article was originally written by Dong Sun-hwa for The Korea Times.