Some junior school teachers have banned students from singing iKON's Love Scenario in classrooms because of its inappropriate content and students showing signs of addiction to catchy tunes.

Love Scenario has remained among the top 20 most-sung songs in noraebang, or Korean karaoke, since January, when the song was released. The music video has had more than 100 million views on YouTube.

One school administrator said the song was banned because whenever Love Scenario played, kids sang along “excessively”.

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Mothers have shown concern through posts on Naver cafes, talking about their children's addiction to the iKON song. One wrote: “My seven-year-old daughter keeps singing Love Scenario all day … Why is she like this?”

A student, 10, said: “Other songs are too fast and have too much English, so it's hard to sing along, but I can hear the lyrics so clearly from start to end for Love Scenario.”

Lee Min-sook, who has been in charge of the children's programme “Kiss Kiss Kiss” for more than 30 years, said: “The speed is similar to that of a children's song … except for the rap part.”

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The lyrics include the “tingly feeling between my ribs” and “crazily loving”.

“Elders also hum along to this song probably because it's catchy and the lyrics are good,” a Naver user said. “How are the lyrics inappropriate? The ban is ridiculous.”

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This article originally appeared on The Korea Times.