Sunye, who led the now-disbanded K-pop girl group Wonder Girls, is returning to show business.

Korean agency Polaris Entertainment said: “Sunye and our company are positively discussing the issue of signing a contract.”

Sunye reportedly has taken part in the shooting of a programme and is preparing to get involved in other activities.

But some fans are not warmly welcoming her back and have criticised her for being selfish.

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In 2013, the singer married Korean-Canadian missionary James Park. She went to Canada after the wedding, even though her contract with JYP Entertainment had not expired. Sunye did not officially leave Wonder Girls until 2015.

Some fans think Sunye was responsible for the downfall of Wonder Girls because the group had a long break after her marriage.

Sunye debuted in Wonder Girls in 2007 and was propelled to stardom with numerous hit tracks including Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody. The group rocked Korea with its retro-fad music and choreography.

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This article was originally written by Dong Sun-hwa for The Korea Times.