It appears the nine members of K-pop girl group TWICE can finally start dating openly if their boss keeps his word from three years ago when it debuted.

Saturday marked the third anniversary since the multinational band’s launch.

When the stars made their debut, JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin-young banned them from dating so they could concentrate on performances and training.

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The chaste rule was revealed by the band’s Japanese member Sana and Korean member Jeongyeon on an MBC talk show in 2016. At the time they said: “Now just two years left.”

In 2015, Park said on an MBC celebrity news show that he would even treat the stars’ boyfriends if he saw one after the ban on dating was over.

The group, which consists of three Japanese, one Taiwanese and five South Koreans, said on its official Instagram page “twicetagram” on Sunday that members now looked back on their shared memories over the past three years during which they “learned a lot from each other, laughed and cried together”.

They also thanked their fans ONCE.

One of the high-profile K-pop girl bands active in Asia, TWICE will release its sixth mini-album “YES or YES” on November 5, according to JYP.

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Its anticipated new single, which shares the same name as the album, will be its 10th single since its debut.

The band hopes it will be its 10th consecutive hit following What is Love? in April and Dance the Night Away in July this year.

Its music videos have drawn steady international attention.

Likey surpassed 300 million views and TT attracted 400 million views.

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This article was written by Ko Dong-hwan for The Korea Times.