BTS, the internationally acclaimed K-pop boy band, arrived back in South Korea on Tuesday after a series of sell-out concerts in North America and Europe.

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The seven members of the group – wearing hats and with their faces hidden behind masks – waved to a huge crowd of ecstatic waiting fans at the arrival gate at Incheon International Airport.

Three of the band, J-Hope, Jimin and V, had a treat for fans, too.

They wore specially made white shirts with a tribute to their fans, known as the “Army”, written inside a large pink heart on the back.

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The presumably self-designed shirts showed a photo of Jimin, surrounded by Korean writing on the front, saying “Bang Tan So Nyeon Dan” along the top, which is BTS spelt out in Korean, “Root for you” and “I love you” on the arms, and “Park Ji-min” underneath, which is Jimin’s real name.

BTS is enjoying huge success around the world, after twice topping the US Billboard album chart this year, and also being featured on the cover of Time magazine.

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Here are the photos of the band members at the airport.

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On Wednesday night the band was expected to be awarded an order of cultural merit for its international promotion of K-pop, at a pop culture award ceremony held at Seoul Olympics Park in Jamsil, southern Seoul.

BTS will begin its tour of Japan on November 13.

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This article was originally written by Park Si-soo for  The Korea Times .