K-pop boy band Seventeen’s Hoshi dislocated his shoulder during a concert, rushed backstage for treatment, and got back on stage before the end.

The leader of the Performance Team, one of the three units of the band, sustained the injury while dancing to their eighth track, Chuck, during “The 2018 Seventeen Concert ‘Ideal Cut – The Final Scene’ in Seoul” at Olympic Gymnastics Arena inside the Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul on Sunday November 4.

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An online video that captured the moment shows the star suddenly slouching down with his head drooping and remaining still for a few seconds while the other teammates are dancing to the song. A few seconds later, when the song ends, he rushes backstage.

After Chuck, when the members greeted the audience in an opening session, they reminded the fans Hoshi has been suffering from chronic shoulder dislocation and is being treated. The worried fans were told to enjoy the remainder of the show until the injured star comes back.

Hoshi came back to the stage after the concert got through the 12th track, reportedly looking as if nothing happened to him, assuaging worried audience members. He apparently told them he “went outside to turn off a heater at the band’s dorm because the heating fees are too expensive”.

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When other members told him fans were worried about him, he replied they didn’t need to worry, saying “my shoulder slipped slightly but now it is fine”.

After Hoshi abruptly vacated the stage, the 13-member band changed the cue sheet order to cover the vacancy by having the Hip-hop Team and the Vocal Team perform first, followed by solo performances by Mingyu and Dino. The Performance Team was postponed to the last. Hoshi came back after his team finished two tracks without him.

The Pledis Entertainment band held the two-day concert on November 3 to 4, drawing up more than 25,000 fans to the venue.

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This article was originally written by Ko Dong-hwan for  The Korea Times .