Actress Lee Min-jung has offered some surprising revelations about being married to the actor Lee Byung-hun, star of the hit Netflix television series Mr. Sunshine.

Little has been made public about the South Korean couple’s private life since they were married in 2013.

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However, the actress, 35, divulged some details about the couple’s relationship when appearing on Sunday’s SBS television variety show, My Little Old Boy.

My husband and I can fart and burp in front of each other almost any time
Actress Lee Min-jung, wife of Lee Byung-hun

Lee, who was appearing as the special host of the programme, has been dubbed “Mrs. Sunshine” after her husband’s starring role in the hit period drama about the people who had fought against Japanese forces to maintain the Joseon Kingdom’s independence.

As she discussed the lifestyles of members of the show’s cast, the actress also opened up about her relaxed home life with Lee 48, who is known abroad for his roles in Hollywood films such as G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Terminator Genisys, RED 2 and The Magnificent Seven.

“My husband and I can fart and burp in front of each other almost any time,” said Lee, showing how comfortable the two are in each other’s company.

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She also revealed that she was sad during her honeymoon because her husband ate too quickly at meal times, despite her being a slow eater.

The actress said he had finished eating even before she had finished serving.

She said the actor slowed down after she told him how she felt.

The actress also talked about the couple’s three-year-old son, Lee Joon-hoo, too.

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“My son mostly resembles his father, but his eyes look like mine,” she said.

“He calls his father ‘Eugene Choi’ [the name of the character Lee Byung-hun played in Mr. Sunshine].”

The actress will star in the forthcoming SBS drama Fate and Fury – also known by the name Fates and Furies – alongside actor Joo Sang-wook and So E-hyun.

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This article was originally written by Dong Sun-hwa for  The Korea Times .