As far as K-pop is concerned, it wouldn't be wrong to conclude 2018 belonged to the four-member girl band BLACKPINK, composed of Jennie, Rose, Jisoo and Lisa.

The music video of the group's flagship track Ddu-Du Ddu-Du has been crowned the most-watched K-pop music video of 2018 on YouTube.

YouTube disclosed the list of this year's top 10 most-viewed K-pop music videos on Wednesday. Also on it were BTS and TWICE.

According to YouTube, 94 per cent of the video views were overseas.

BLACKPINK K-pop singer Jennie stars in new teaser for solo single

The video, which was launched on June 15, had over 550 million hits as of Wednesday, and went past 500 million views just five months after its release.

The team topped the same chart the previous year with As If It's Your Last.

K-pop star Jennie of BLACKPINK to release solo song in November

BLACKPINK made its debut in 2016 and rose to fame thanks to hit tracks including Whistle and Boombayah.

The group has also signed a contract with Interscope Records, a California-based label associated with the Universal Music Group (UMG,) to perform in the US.

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This article was originally written by Dong Sun-hwa for  The Korea Times .