Who is 6-year-old Korean YouTube star Boram, who just bought an US$8 million property in Gangnam, Seoul?

South Korean YouTuber Boram, 6, wears a Wonder Woman costume in her January video in which she becomes a superhero and saves her friends. The video has been seen more than 38 million times. Photo: Boram Tube Vlog

A six-year-old Korean YouTube star, whose two channels have attracted more than 30 million subscribers, has bought a five-storey property in Seoul’s affluent Gangnam district of Seoul for 9.5 billion won (US$8 million).

The girl, known simply as Boram, is the face of two popular channels – Boram Tube Vlog, with 17.5 million subscribers, and Boram Tube ToyReview, with 13.6 million subscribers – on the video-streaming website.

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The property, which was built in 1975, is situated in the upmarket area of Cheongdam-dong, in Gangnam, Seoul.

Some of her videos have attracted more than 300 million views.

As one of the most-followed Korean YouTube creators, her channels generate an estimated combined monthly income of 3.7 billion won.

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The 1975 building she bought is situated on a 258-square-metre (2,770-square-foot) plot of land in upmarket Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

It is not known why the youngster bought the building.

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This article was originally written by Park Si-soo for The Korea Times .

The girl known to her followers as Boram – whose two channels have a combined 30 million subscribers – has an estimated monthly income of US$3 million