We are just days away from New Year’s Eve and most of us cannot wait to begin partying. However, noisy fireworks remove the fun from the occasion for our four-legged friends.

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If you’ve ever owned a dog you will have seen how scared they get around fireworks. Their hearing range is three times more sensitive than humans and fireworks or similar thunderous noises tend to trigger their nervous systems.

Ford has devised something that can help pooches experience a stress-free New Year’s Eve, while you can enjoy the celebratory fireworks.

It’s a special kind of dog kennel that uses noise-cancelling technology to filter out loud noises.

Ford’s quiet kennel prototype keeps the cabin quiet with technology that it uses in its Edge and Fusion vehicles.

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The system works similar to the technology used in noise-cancelling headphones – it has external microphones that pick up the sound of fireworks or other loud noises and the speakers inside emit a frequency that cancels out the harsh sounds. The kennel is partially made of cork, which aids with sound absorption. However, the kennel remains a concept and will not be available any time soon.

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This article originally appeared on  Luxurylaunches .