Owners may be tempted to bypass the cost and bureaucracy of border controls but illegal operators are only interested in money and will likely sacrifice the welfare of the animals to save their own skin.

  • Golden retriever? German shepherd? Just how much of a breed’s DNA does your dog have? A DNA test for pets aims to find out – but what then?
  • While a Post writer discovers something surprising about her rescue puppy, there are some things you should consider before subjecting your pet to such tests

Bobi, a guard dog, claimed the Guinness World Record for world’s oldest dog from Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, who died in 1939 aged 29 and had held the record for almost a century.


Twelve dogs deployed at Australia’s Sydney Opera House precinct that have been trained for just one task – to stop seagulls from stealing tourists’ food – have become an attraction in themselves.

Corgi enthusiasts dressed their pets in crowns, tiaras and royal outfits and paraded them outside the palace in tribute to the late queen who was a well-known lover of the dog breed, owning about 30 throughout her life.

The funny bone of mainland social media has been tickled by the story of a bulldog in China which swallowed 11 toy rubber ducks and has made a full recovery after having them removed by surgery.

Onboard the Royal Albatross, the animals can lounge in custom-built ‘cat-bana’ cages as their owners enjoy dinner beside them on deck.


Readers discuss why mourning the Sai Kung whale’s death while eating meat is an act of speciesism, the safety of treated Fukushima waste water, and Now TV’s subscription packages.

From denim short shorts to figure-hugging dresses, Emily Ratajkowski isn’t afraid to strut out in style wherever she goes – even when walking her dog

Mainland social media is up in arms after video footage emerged of a man’s violent attack on his girlfriend’s pet dog, sparking an online discussion about the lack of pet protection laws in China.

Two Alaskan Malamutes donned traditional Javanese outfits at a fake ceremony in Jakarta, sparking an uproar about the owners ‘wasting money and defying God’.

Scooter the Chinese crested pooch is the latest victor of the 50-year quirky competition that seeks to celebrate ‘imperfections that make all dogs special and unique’.

Having a positive relationship with animals, specifically dogs, is linked to a number of health benefits involving the heart and brain, multiple studies on pet owners show.

Businesses are trying to cash in on Thailand’s pet industry, which is considered the second-biggest in Asia behind China’s.


Bobi, whose mother died aged 18, lives in a Portuguese village and has never been chained or put on a lead. More than 100 people attended his birthday party.

The nation’s pet economy is booming, mental health concerns are on the rise, and young adults are keen on holidays and tech splurging in a post-pandemic China, according to a large nationwide survey.