Tucked away on the idyllic Malolo Island is the Six Senses Fiji which opened its doors in April. Images of the resort bear all the typical markers of an island paradise, from tall swaying palms to painted sunsets and crystal clear azure waters. This beautiful resort, however, is far from typical, thanks to its commitment to sustainability and minimising its environmental impact.

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For starters the resort’s 24 one- and two-bedroom pool villas and 10 private residences are 100 per cent solar powered. Six Senses Fiji even boasts the largest microgrid in Fiji using Tesla batteries. The resort uses low power pool filtration in its swimming pools, and low environmental impact refrigerant in all air conditioning units. Sensors in the villas automatically switch off the air conditioning once the doors are opened, to conserve energy.

Six Senses Fiji has also made strides in waste management from a septic system that relies on tiger worms to a composting programme that reduces waste by converting food waste into fertiliser. Even waste water is treated so it can be used in the irrigation system.

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The resort follows best practices in several other areas, from employing local Fijians, to growing its own herbs and vegetables in a special kitchen garden. This garden also supplies produce that helps the resort to create its own tonics, ginger beers and probiotics on-site. Even the resort boutique stocks homeware items and handicrafts made by Fijian women living in remote communities. It is refreshing to see that the resort management has intentionally thought of ways not only to improve the experience for guests, but also to improve life for the surrounding communities.

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This article originally appeared on Luxurylaunches.