Although the exact origin of birthday cakes is unknown, the celebratory sweet treat is said to have come from ancient Greece. The Greeks baked moon-shaped candlelit cakes for Artemis, the goddess of the moon, as a tribute. Today, the widely craved cake is a mark of someone’s special day as well as being an Instagram favourite. We have found five super Instagrammable birthday cakes for you.

Beauty from Ms B’s Cakery

Flavoured with real rose essence, chocolate covered almonds and nut crunch, this beautiful chiffon cake with fresh cream is made with over 18 shades of handcrafted sugar art roses.

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3D cakes from Mandarin Cake Shop 

If you want your birthday cake with a personalised design, the Mandarin Cake Shop is an ideal choice. Choose from a traditional English dried fruit cake, a buttercream cake with flavours like vanilla, lemon or many more offerings.

 Rose Petals from Sift

A simple yet enchanting flowery cake for your loved ones. This vanilla chiffon cake with two layers of strawberry cream, strawberry chocolate, jam and fresh strawberry has a blossoming chocolate rose decoration on top as the finishing touch. Pretty graceful.

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Pastel Dreams from The Cakery

Looking for something sweet and cute for your birthday boy or girl? The Cakery may have something for you. This dreamy organic vanilla buttercream cake is decorated with pastel colour frosting, which is perfect for summer.

The Royal Lady from Sweet Secrets

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A good choice for your mature and elegant lady, this organic and gluten-free chocolate fondant cake has white and deep royal blue flowers, with a white pearly finish.

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