From Japanese fine dining to afternoon tea and a little fun with fusion tea – who said vegans have to miss out on Hong Kong’s food scene? 

1. Haku

From August, Haku in Harbour City, in Tsim Sha Tsui, will be rolling out a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu that stems from Chef Agustin Balbi’s mission to cater to all dietary requirements.

Working with Japan-based farmers, the ingredients are guaranteed to be at their finest – nothing but the best will make it to the table.

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The six-course offering can be extended to an eight-course affair.

Experimenting with ingredients such as the shio tomatoes and Japanese tomorokoshi, or sweetcorn, this multi-course fine dining experience showcases Balbi’s international influences within the perimeters of modern Japanese cuisine.

The menu is seasonal, so be sure to check in beforehand to see what is on the list.

2. Grassroots Pantry

How about an afternoon tea set at the all-vegan joint Grassroots Pantry, in Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan?

There is nothing like staying out of the heat and chilling with its guilt-free sweet and savoury menu and some non-alcoholic Seedlip-infused Maca Spiced Martini (a superfood-charged martini? Who would have thought!) and Cucumberella.

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The restaurant’s chef and owner, Peggy Chan has brought in pastry chef Jessica Chow, who cut her teeth at Michelin-starred institutions such as VEA Restaurant and Lounge in Central.

Chow says, “I chose to work at Grassroots alongside Peggy [Chan, founder of Grassroots Pantry] as I feel like creating desserts that are nutritious, delicious and environmentally responsible. That is the future in this industry. Creating a plant-based and gluten-free dessert menu has been a challenge and a wonderful eye-opener to the vast variety of ingredients available outside of the conventional wheat, eggs and dairy. Peggy has pushed me to think beyond flavours and more about the wholesome nature of the dishes, and I appreciate this fresh new approach to cooking.”

They have combined forces to create a dessert menu full of unprocessed, natural summery desserts that will sate your cravings without compromising your health.

3. Flamingo Bloom

The pink flamingo is starting to take over the world.

Since Flamingo Bloom opened its first outlet on Stanley Street, in Central last July, it has been busy with its expansion plans – launching a stand-alone outlet in Malaysia and now its new kiosk on the podium level at IFC Mall in Central.

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Its newest offerings include healthy smoothie bowls and vegan milkshakes to quench our thirst in this summer heat. Both options contain no added sugar: the Naked Zero vegan milkshakes are made entirely from fresh fruits and almond milk, while the smoothie bowls, Virgin Pineapple Pina Colada and Matcha Melon, are topped with toasted granola and other superfood goodness.

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