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News and insight on the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles and plant-based diets.

  • B vitamins, of which there are 8, are important for brain and heart health. Not getting enough can cause fatigue, and in some cases depression and even dementia
  • Two nutritionists describe foods high in B vitamins, break down the effects of B vitamin deficiency and reveal what to eat if you suspect you have a problem

From Aesop’s all-new scented soap bars to Diptyque’s extravagant 49-candle gift box and our K-beauty find of the month, Amuse vegan hand creams – give back to your body and mind this September

Singaporean chef Pamelia Chia has compiled plant-based recipes from 24 chefs and food writers across Asia. She tells the Post about her journey from cooking ‘horrible’ vegetables, and shares one of her recipes.


Asia is at the forefront of the race to produce high-quality lab-grown meat and, increasingly, other forms of protein, but chefs remain divided over their use.

Anushka Purohit, the CEO and co-founder of craft brewer Breer, shares her favourite places to eat vegetarian sushi in Hong Kong, her go-to breakfast buffet, and a restaurant with stunning views of the city.

Hong Kong chefs Tina Barrat and Peggy Chan, and entrepreneur David Yeung are at the forefront of the city’s plant-based food scene. They talk about surviving the past few difficult years and their plans for the future.

As vegan sushi grows in popularity, a Los Angeles-based Japanese chef at the forefront of the movement talks about her mission to ‘evolve sushi’ using local produce.

Social media has been awash with bone broth recipes, touting its health benefits. Here is why veggie broth – without the bones – can be even more healthy.

Nutritional yeast has a nutty, savoury taste similar to Parmesan cheese, and is packed with B vitamins and antioxidants, making it a favourite among vegans and vegetarians, who often call it an ‘umami bomb’.

Colin Fung’s Green Gourmet restaurant in Sydney has been serving vegan Asian food for 25 years, giving Asians in Australia – especially Hongkongers – a plant-based taste of home.

Lowering cholesterol, reducing stroke and heart attack risks, promoting brain health and muscle endurance; these are some of the benefits of eating five everyday superfoods.

Clean, a vegan-friendly cafe and laundromat, opened in 2021, and a second, self-service outlet recently opened in Tsim Sha Tsui, the only place in Hong Kong where you can buy hot drinks with oat milk on tap.

With such a huge choice of dietary supplements, companies offer DNA tests touted to reveal which are right for you. Experts weigh in, and reveal which vitamins and nutrients we most likely lack.

Removing animal-based and processed foods from her diet helped Connie Wong, 54, lose weight and improve her complexion. ‘People mistake me for a 40-year-old,’ she says.

Lab-grown meat, cultured meat, cultivated meat, cell-based meat – it’s all the same, but what exactly is it, is it safe, is it vegetarian, and when is it going to be widely available?

Pragya Thakur lost weight and saw her health transformed after seeing a ‘farm-based’ doctor whose approach to medical care helps patients overcome illnesses with fewer pills and more plants.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners describe iron deficiency and explain how it may lead to anaemia, its symptoms and causes, and methods to treat it.

Climate impact labels on fast-food menus may sway diners to choose ‘greener’, healthier options, a study suggests, rather than something like beef, the fast food with the worst climate impact.

As Veganuary begins, Auzani Ridzwan explains how he had two heart attacks training for Ironman, switched to open-water swimming, went vegan, and is reaping the health benefits.

Experts reveal what six habits you should introduce to your lifestyle to gift yourself a longer, healthier life, from eating less meat and more plant foods to being more optimistic – yes, really.

Alex Glasscock opened wellness spa The Ranch with wife Sue to help guests who share their goal of living better and longer lives. He’s determined to live to at least 110, or ‘die trying’.

Want to celebrate the festive season, worry-free? Hong Kong’s luxury hotels and caterers have got you covered, from The Ritz-Carlton’s turkey takeaway to Four Season’s French cheese box

Leather alternatives – even one produced from thin air – are a growing trend as consumers increasingly demand animal-free products … here’s what you need to know

From Kyrie Irving to Venus Williams and Nate Diaz, professional athletes credit a vegan diet with boosting their performance. It made Alex Morgan ‘leaner and fitter than ever’, the US women’s soccer star says.