Love restful vacations, vintage wines and fine crystal? We have good news for you. Lalique’s crystal crafts have a new home at Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey hotel in the vineyards of France’s Sauternes region.

To celebrate the Premier Grand Cru Classé vineyard’s 400th anniversary, Lalique transformed the historic building into a charming stopover for wine-lovers.

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“I want to make staying at our hotel a truly memorable experience, sharing our unique heritage and evoking the emotions created by a Premier Cru Classé,” says Lalique’s chairman Silvio Denz.

The hotel, which opened on June 23, consists of three suites, 10 rooms, a crystal-filled haute cuisine restaurant, a relaxing lounge, four underground cellars with a heritage of 350,000 bottles of wines, and an intricately decorated chapel.

Inspired by the vine, Lalique’s finely polished crystal work subtly adorns the entire château. The restaurant has a ceiling decorated with 120 Champs-Elysées leaves in gleaming gold crystal, and crystal pieces are set in bed frames, bedside tables and sofas in the hotel rooms.

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The rooms feature the region’s natural unpolished oak, paired with the colours of wine. The history of Sauternes, Bordeaux wines, the vineyards and founder René Lalique are displayed in a library in the middle of the hotel.

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