The Malaysian island of Penang is famous for its blend of different cultures, which includes a vibrant food scene, too.

Many of the local street stalls serve up delicious food that you will be sorry to have missed.

The most notable Penang specialities are dishes such as char koay teow (flat fried noodles), bak kut teh (a pork rib dish cooked in broth), and laksa (a spicy noodle soup).

Is bak kut teh from Malaysia or Singapore?

However, the former British colony has so many more tasty offerings on offer.

In particular, Nyonya – also known as Peranakan – is a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine that never disappoints.

Here are five Nyona dishes that the locals love, and you will too.


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The Penang version of a sausage or meat roll, lobak consists of five-spiced marinated meats, stuffed and deep fried.

A lobak stall is often found in hawker centres. They are not limited to selling only the sausage – fried vegetables such as aubergines and tofu are on offer too.

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Inchi kabin 

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#inchikabin or Encik Kabin at #meltingpotcafe. Full of flavour and crispy.

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Hainan Chicken is not the only chicken dish in town.

Fans of fried chicken shouldn’t miss the Nyonya inchi kabin.

It stands out thanks to its rich texture and coconut flavour, since it is marinated with coconut milk and local spices, and the fact that it is fried twice.

Pie tee

Can’t decide if you want a salad or a pastry? Then pie tee is the answer!

Pie tee is another Nyonya dish, consisting of a bite-sized crispy pastry cup filled with shredded, marinated vegetables, commonly turnip and carrots, and prawns.

It can easily be mistaken for a cupcake, but it makes the perfect starter.

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Duck meat koay teow th’ng

If char koay teow is too heavy for you, then try the duck meat koay teow th’ng.

It is a tasty full-flavoured rice noodle dish in a clear broth with duck leg.

The most authentic stalls use Muscovy duck and brew the soup with the duck meat, too.

However, many now use chicken for the soup and the local duck instead.

The soup is the soul of the dish and can take up to five hours to brew.

It is often accompanied by fish balls or various duck’s intestines, as well as a few slices of vegetables.

Nasi kandar

Another Penang dish, nasi kandar, was popularised by the Indian Muslims.

The term refers to any variety of rice, scented or otherwise, with curry and side dishes.

The dishes are served behind the counter like a buffet, with meat and vegetable dishes are displayed for customers to choose from.

The curry sauce is usually poured on top of the rice, but the side dishes can be served separately.

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