Nam Cheah
Nam Cheah
Nam Cheah is a third culture millennial who spent half her life in Hong Kong and the other half in UK. With a passion for travel, hiking, food, and puns, she documents her travel on her suitably named blog: Laugh, Travel, Eat. When she’s not doing any of that, she’s either catching up on TV while online shopping or writing her novels.

Tapas are one of the world’s most enduring casual dining trends – but the tradition’s working class, barroom roots mean you might be munching on something meatier than you ever expected

Vietnam has long been a popular destination, but it’s must-see destinations are getting flooded with tourists and becoming more expensive. Here are five stunning alternatives that won’t cost you a fortune.

The pursuit of Italy’s culinary delights is not for the faint hearted, and if a pork blood pudding from Tuscany, and a cheese with maggots from Sardinia, haven’t put you off, try these

Watch a Himalayan sunrise from Poon Hill in Nepal, trek through remote villages and refuel with hearty Nepalese food. Don’t worry about the uphill sections – you can hire a porter to carry most of your baggage. And don’t worry about the leeches.


Doi Inthanon National Park, containing Thailand’s highest mountain, is also home to ethnic minority villages, hidden waterfalls and royal burial grounds. A two-day trek can include a night with a family from the local Karen tribe.

If you’re heading to Hokkaido out of ski season, the local cuisine offers delicacies, favourite Japanese flavours such as lavender and even craft beer that will sate your inner foodie

A predawn trek to Mount Bromo in East Java takes you through some incredible scenery. The active volcano is one of many in the national park and safe to visit, unless a warning is issued.

Thien Duong in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park was formed 350 to 400 million years ago. It was discovered in 2005, and opened to visitors in 2010. Only 15 visitors per day are allowed to explore up to 7km of the spectacular 31.5km-long cave.

A trek up the highest mountain in Southeast Asia starts with a seemingly endless series of steps through the jungles of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo, before a rope-assisted ascent to the summit and a technicolour dawn.

A richer, medicinal-tasting version of the pork rib dish, bak kut teh, tuhau – a smelly, spicy shredded ginger condiment – and lemon coconut jelly are among the local delights

Region that’s home to several hill tribes has become a tourism hot spot – escape the crowds on a leisurely half-day hike down to the Muong Hoa valley, where time seems to have stood still.

One of the largest acidic lakes in the world, Kawah Ijen, in the crater of a volcano where sulphur miners toil, is famous for its natural blue flames, which occur when sulphur gases come into contact with oxygen.

Look past the pad thai and mango sticky rice and you’ll find there’s a lot more to the city’s cheap eats, from cupcakes to coconut ice cream and sweet taco-style crepes

Chinese cabbage, octopus, fish balls and oysters served on a skewer, fish-head noodles and an icy fruit drink are among the delights served in the capital city

Crisp ‘dirty duck’, Indonesian salad, served with tofu and lots of peanut sauce and suckling pig, roasted whole on a spit, are among the island’s specialities

Spicy beef noodles from the city of Hue, delicate white-rose-shaped dumplings and a crispy squid pancake are among the region’s culinary treats

A deep-fried beef cutlet, seared tuna cheek, a melon bun – which contains no melon and a thick pork sandwich are among the capital’s other culinary treats

If you fancy grabbing a bite to eat while exploring city streets and markets, you can’t do better than the Taiwanese capital,which offers a wide range of satisfying snacks to suit all preferences

Pork patties served with rice vermicelli, fried marinated mudfish wrapped in banana leaves and fish noodle soup are among treats served in cooler north

Instead of the laksa and flat fried noodles served by the Malaysian island’s street stalls, try the less-known delights of meat rolls, coconut fried rice and duck rice noodles