Central Vietnam might not be as popular a tourist destination as the country’s north and south regions, but it is home to some delicious food originating from its long coast and central highland areas.

From Hue, the capital of Vietnam’s last dynasty, to Dalat, a former French holiday town, here are some top culinary picks from the heart of Vietnam.

Bun bo Hue

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Bún Bò Huế (Hue Beef Noodle Soup) - A Hue traditional food.

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Hue beef noodles, the spicy beef noodle dish that originated from the city of Hue, is different from Pho because of its yellow broth and various beef intestine toppings.

The spiciness gives the noodles a nice kick, which makes the dish easier to eat in the heat.

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Cao lau

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CAO LẦU - Món mỳ đặc sản của phố cổ Hội An . “Đã đặt chân đến Hội An thì phải thử Cao Lầu”. Cao Lầu từ lâu đã được nhắc đến như món ăn tiêu biểu góp phần làm nên cái hồn ẩm thực còn đọng nét xưa cũ của phố Hội. Món Cao Lầu có sợi mì màu vàng, được dùng với thịt xá xíu, tôm, các loại rau sống, vài miếng da heo chiên giòn và rất ít nước dùng. Tinh tuý của món ăn này nằm ở sợi mỳ màu vàng ươm, được chế biến rất công phu từ gạo thơm ngâm với tro củi tràm, mà tro thì phải lấy từ đất cù lao Chàm thì vị mới chuẩn. Khi ăn, Cao Lầu cho cảm giác sựt sựt của sợi mỳ, đủ mùi vị chua, cay, đắng, chát, ngọt của rau sống, vị của măm, bột thơm, nước tương...và tóp mỡ tan trong miệng. Thèm quá đi nèee Hè này ai ra phố Hội đừng quên ăn món này nhaaa . -------------- Theo dõi @Cooky.vn Việt Nam để không bỏ lỡ các công thức làm món ăn ngon nhé ️. -------------- #cooky #cookyvn #CookyRecipe ____ #vietnamesefood#foodstagram#goodfood#tasty#foodgasm#instafoodie#delish#yummy#delicious#monngon#cooking#recipes#foodporn#instafood#instahot#superfoods#buzzfeast#feedfeed#feastagram#foodpics#foodphotography#hoian #caolau #phocohoian #hoianfood

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Only available in Hoi An, cao lau’s noodles, which are similar to udon used in Japanese cuisine, are made using water from a special, undisclosed well in the city.

It’s a type of dry noodle dish served with pork slices, crispy pork skin and plenty of greens.

This is a great dish offering a mix of satisfying textures.

White Rose Dumplings

Hoi An’s version of dumplings are made in a delicate white rose shape, which give the dish its name.

The dumplings are not only photogenic, but also delicious, with a great balance of smooth white dumpling skin and satisfying pork and prawn fillings.

They are often served with fried onions added on top, which add a nice crunch.

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Banh xeo muc Nha Trang

Banh xeo means pancake in Vietnamese and the banh xeo muc Nha Trang is a specific squid pancake that’s local to Nhang Trang.

Most other cities have prawns or pork inside their banh xeo, with the squid giving a more chewy texture, which contrasts well with the crispy pancake.

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Banh trang nuong

A cousin to banh xeo, banh trang nuong is a rice paper crepe, or thin pancake, that's better known as Dalat Pizza.

Frequently spotted in the streets and markets of Dalat, they are heated on a hotplate with various toppings such as eggs, spring onions, fried onions and sausages, as well as sauces.

The texture of the thin crust combined with the explosion of flavours makes for an awesome snack.

The best way to eat it is to wrap it up like a roll or burrito.

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