Review | The carnivore diet: 2 weeks of meat and water? No thanks

All-you-can-eat animal products, such as meat, fish and eggs ... but will ‘Hubby’, our no-greens guinea pig, cheat on a neighbour’s chocolate chip waffles?

2 Jul 2020 - 2:23PM
Beyond Impossible? Cellular cultured meats only work for environmentalists

A new trend for stem cell-based cultured meat products may work for environmentalists worried about the climate crisis – but vegans and animal rights vegetarians can’t be converted

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6 sports superstars who credit their success to turning vegan

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Did these 5 millionaires get rich because of their vegan diets?

Can Mukesh Ambani and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone thank healthy eating for the increased focus and aptitude a plant-based diet is said to bring?

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When he’s not playing serial killers, Zac Efron is vegan and off the grid

The American actor has come a long way since his High School Musical days, but fans want to know – why didn't the vegan actor sing during the cast’s reunion?

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Joe Holder to Luke Zocchi, 5 fitness trainers who work out with stars

Naomi Campbell, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Gwyneth Paltrow are just some of the A-listers who honed abs and tightened glutes with these elite trainers

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How Vietnam’s meaty banh mi went global – then became a vegan thrill

The quintessential Vietnamese street food has become popular the world over, and tasty vegan options have made it a favourite of those on a plant-based diet

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5 top organic beauty brands which really make a difference

Which top brands are truly sustainable, and does Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr’s Kora make the cut?

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Going vegan: first steps – and why more of us are making the switch

With more of us considering switching to a plant-based diet, here are some top tips from dietitian Jessica Kotlowitz on going vegan for the first time

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A private Atlantic island for less than the cost of a city flat – really?

Live the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle with all the mod cons on one of these beautiful islands where social distancing is not an issue

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Where to eat in Hong Kong this June: new restaurants to try over the summer

As Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed, there is a slew of new places to choose from this month, as well as a few established places with deliciously tempting offerings

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Would you eat bugs for dinner if a Michelin-starred chef prepared them?

When it comes to plant-based alternatives, numerous fine-dining and Michelin-star restaurants create sustainable meals using plants and even bugs as protein sources

30 May 2020 - 3:00AM
Is vegan kimchi more or less healthy than the real deal?

The ancient fermentation of Korea’s national dish has had a vegan-friendly makeover – but how does it measure up to the original recipe?

26 May 2020 - 2:20PM
What is ecotherapy and why is Kate Middleton a fan?

Based on the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, luxury resorts and hotels have been quick to embrace ecotherapy programmes of rainforest walks and ocean appreciation

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Hong Kong’s 6 best outdoor running routes with a view

From an easy 3.5km jog along the Central to running the entire 50km Hong Kong Trail – whatever your level, Hong Kong is a runner’s paradise

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4 delicious and easy recipes to make while self-isolating

We asked chefs and mixologists to give us their favourite cocktail and main dish recipes that you can easily make at home during the coronavirus outbreak

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Which popular Chinese restaurant staples are truly Chinese?

Fortune cookies are Japanese, prawn crackers Indonesian, everybody knows chow mein is American – but orange chicken might be more authentic than you think

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In a post-Covid world, are buffets a thing of the past?

After health and disease fears, communal dining was already uncool – now Covid-19 might be the final blow

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Lockdown workouts? Chris Hemsworth and others who will make you sweat

Trying to keep fit during lockdown and emerge with a great looking bod for summer? Here are a few workouts you can try at home if your gym is still shut

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