W Hong Kong’s Bliss Spa is just one of the exceptional packages available this holiday season at the city’s finest hotels. Photo: Handout
4 hotels going big for NYE so you don’t have to

Make it a new year to remember with signature celebrations at one of Hong Kong’s top hotels, from extra-special meals to holiday-themed spa pampering or even a staycation for charity

27 Dec 2021 - 12:00PM
Janet Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Naomi Campbell and Kristen Wiig all became mothers later in life. Photos: @bbmas/Instagram, Reuters, AP,  AFP
12 celebs who became mums after 40, from Sandra Bullock to Janet Jackson

Olivia Munn just welcomed her first child with John Mulaney at 41 – but from Janet Jackson (age 50) to Cameron Diaz (47), many more A-listers have recently started a family well into their fifth decade, and beyond

23 Dec 2021 - 1:00AM
Mandarin Oriental Residences, Barcelona, is set to open in a prime city spot in 2022. Photo: Handout
Living in a hotel? How branded residences became the next luxury property trend

The number of branded residences are expected to double by 2026, with Thailand and Vietnam catching up to the US quick as five-star living becomes a truly global trend

13 Dec 2021 - 2:28PM
Wellness experts provide their tips on how to beat holiday stress in Hong Kong. Photo: Getty/iStock
How to beat holiday stress and anxiety, according to wellness experts

How are your emotions affected in unusually stressful times? We spoke to 5 wellness experts as many of us gear up to spend the holidays away from family this Christmas season

13 Dec 2021 - 11:54AM
Anushka Sen, who was recently holidaying in the Maldives with her parents, has 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Photo: @anushkasen0408/Instagram
Inside Indian influencer Anushka Sen’s fitness and beauty routine

The Indian actress, whose holiday pics in the Maldives recently made headlines, does daily home workouts and follows a healthy diet to keep in shape

7 Dec 2021 - 8:00AM
Star athletes like Venus Williams, Justin Fields, Alex Morgan and Chris Paul all swear by vegan and vegetarian diets. Photos: @venuswilliams, @cp3/Instagram; @justnfields/Twitter, AP
9 athletes who are vegans or vegetarians, from Venus Williams to Chris Paul

Plant-based diets are on the rise in our health and environmentally conscious world, but did you know they help professional athletes perform better too?

29 Nov 2021 - 3:00AM
Work out at home in style with Dior’s Technogym. Photo: Handout
A Dior gym? 5 pieces of luxury exercise equipment to level up your workout

Work out in style with these fitness accessories, from Dior’s Technogym and Versace’s Barocco rugby ball, to Prada’s volleyball and Hermès’ solid silver flask

28 Nov 2021 - 10:00AM
Jamie Foxx, Zendaya and Jason Statham are three US celebrities who prefer body weight workouts over weightlifting at the gym. Photos: AFP, AP, @jasonstatham/Instagram
Why do these celebrities prefer body weight workouts over the gym?

Zendaya ‘hates the gym’, preferring dance, cardio, squats and arm and leg raises instead, while Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook starts the day with push-ups

11 Nov 2021 - 4:00AM
Adele before (right) and after her weight loss – but did she really follow a sirtfood diet to get in shape? Photos: @adele/Instagram
What is the sirtfood diet, made famous by those Adele rumours?

A rumour about Adele turned the sirtfood diet into a hot trend – we take a closer look at what it involves and whether it’s worth trying, or could even be dangerous for your health

16 Oct 2021 - 4:00AM
Vinod Channa was there with Anant Ambani every step of the way during his weight loss journey. Photos: @anantambanifc/Instagram, vinodchannafitness.com
Meet Vinod Channa, the man who helped Anant Ambani lose 108kg in 18 months

Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa turned himself into a household name after transforming the Ambani’s heir’s body – we take a look at his own inspiring career and fitness journey

8 Oct 2021 - 8:00AM
Colourful art in the lobby of The Smile, a New York rental building by Danish architecture firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) illustrate a new trend for curated works in high-end residential developments. Photo: Noise
Can an art collection really improve health and wellness in luxury homes?

Architects on statement projects around the globe are enlivening shared spaces with carefully chosen works by Kaws, Jeff Koons, Olafur Eliasson and many more

6 Oct 2021 - 10:00AM
Looking to take your pet on a Hong Kong staycation with you? Check out The Murray Hong Kong’s Pawsome Staycation – plus 4 more pet-friendly packages. Photo: The Murray
Hong Kong’s most pet-friendly staycations – which has no weight limit?

The Ritz-Carlton, Rosewood Hong Kong and The Murray all offer excellent pet-friendly packages with dog-friendly cocktails, personalised dog tags and much more …

7 Oct 2021 - 1:51PM
A “farmcation” at Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung Hotel. Photo: Handout
Would you go on a Hong Kong ‘farmcation’? Here are 3 packages to try …

If you’re up for a different kind of staycation, book yourself a ‘farmcation package’ and get your hands dirty at these nature-based excursions hosted by some of the city’s best luxury hotels

19 Sep 2021 - 6:27PM
Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung’s Magical Mermaid Fitness Staycation. Photo: Sheraton
Mermaid fitness or dream analysis? Hong Kong’s best wellness staycation deals

Summer is about over and it’s all about finding inner peace as we enter a new season – from workouts and singing bowl therapy to meditation with an 118th-floor view, these are the best packages to take some well-earned five-star headspace

28 Aug 2021 - 10:00AM
Whether you’re a Singapore local or a visitor, we’ve got your back when it comes to breakfast with these pics. Photos: @tiongbahrubakery; @sgnomster; @carrotsticksandcravings/Instagram, Group Therapy Coffee/Facebook
21 of Singapore’s best breakfast and brunch cafes

Indulge in eggs Benedict at Baker & Cook or The Book Cafe, go healthy with vegan and vegetarian fare at Carrotsticks & Cravings Cafe, or bring the whole family to Bee’s Knees at The Garage …

23 Aug 2021 - 6:14PM
Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé are three women whose continued success and relevance prove 40 really is the new 20. Photos: @jessicaalba; @kimkardashian; @beyonce/Instagram
Better with age: 5 celebrities who prove 40 really is the new 20

From Jessica Alba to Beyoncé, these inspiring women – who all recently turned 40, or are about to – are yet to reach the peak of their success

23 Aug 2021 - 4:00AM
Rebel Wilson: before and after the inspirational lifestyle changes she’s sharing with followers on Instagram. Photo: EPA-EFE, @rebelwilson/Instagram
Rebel Wilson’s ‘unhealthiest’ moment offers inspiration to us all

‘I remember being overweight and indulging way too much with junk food,’ shared the star on Instagram

22 Aug 2021 - 8:00AM
Jennie with her couch from Roche Bobois. Photo: @jennierubyjane/ Instagram
Blackpink in your area? WFH like Jennie with these 5 pieces

Roche Bobois is famous for doing Jennie’s pastel bubble couch, so why not spruce up your home with a summer holiday vibe with an ottoman set by the same brand?

21 Aug 2021 - 12:00PM
The growing list of celebrities joining LA-based cannabis company Cann. Photo: Getty, Goop, @rebelwilson/Instagram
Why are so many celebrities investing in cannabis products?

Rosario Dawson is the latest celebrity to joins forces with pro-marijuana stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Rebel Wilson on the board of cannabis firm Cann – so who will be next on the THC drinks trend?

20 Aug 2021 - 11:12AM
Nightbirde, aka Jane Marczewski, was given a ‘Golden Buzzer’ by Simon Cowell in series 16 of America’s Got Talent, but will not be able to compete because of her cancer. Photo: @_nightbirde/Instagram
Interview: Nightbirde’s America’s Got Talent run comes to an end

Simon Cowell gave Jane Marczewski the ‘Golden Buzzer’, taking her to the semi-finals – although she’s dropping out due to worsening cancer, she still believes in the power of positive thinking

6 Aug 2021 - 10:23AM