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New Zealand wife auctions off her husband’s ‘hideous’ wardrobe

‘Simply awful’ pre-marriage clothes could be used for dogs beds, rags, or looking like a mechanic on a bad day, suggests auctioneer

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 August, 2017, 3:47pm
UPDATED : Monday, 14 August, 2017, 3:49pm

A woman from the New Zealand city of Nelson is using New Zealand-based online auction site Trade Me to get rid of the clothes her husband had worn before she gave him a post-marital makeover.

The Trade Me listing is titled “Bulk lot of my husbands disgusting pre-marriage clothes”.

“Okay chums, i don’t even know why i am wasting my time listing these!! (possibly to make him feel slightly good about his old ‘choice’ of attire) but anyway,” she explains in the description.

“These are some of the hideous things that were in my husband’s wardrobe before we got married. They are simply awful/gundy/yuck...”

“They could be used for anything: dogs bed (we don’t have a dog), rags, or dress ups if you want to look like a mechanic on a bad day.”

“Yes, you may have the shoes too, do not ask what size because i cannot bear to look inside but he is usually a 43,” the woman penned.

The auction has been viewed 4000 times.

Three potential buyers have asked questions about the clothing, with one asking if the shirts can be ironed, should they win the auction.

The auctioneer responded saying: “No i cannot iron them because my iron has run out of water.”

The current bid for the clothing is NZ$3.00 (US$2.19), with the auction closing this evening.

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