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New Zealand animal rights group searching for man who stomped kitten in ‘horrific’ video

New Zealand animal rights group looking to identify man in the video to see action is taken

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 March, 2018, 11:53am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 March, 2018, 11:54am

A man told a kitten how cute it was moments before violently stomping it to death, catching it all on video and sharing it to social media.

New Zealand animal rights non-profit organisation Paw Justice has shared the “horrific” video in an appeal to identify the man in the video and see justice served.

“It is horrific to see what goes on in this country,” co-founder Craig Dunn said.

They were sent the video by somebody who had been “disgusted” after seeing it on a closed Facebook group.

Dunn said they did not know the name of the group or where in the country it happened, and were appealing for any information.

The heavily-edited video posted on Paw Justice’s Facebook page shows a man talking to a baby kitten about how cute it is, before he throws it to the ground and violently stomps it to death.

He then turns the video on to himself briefly and captures his face.

“We have had to make a difficult choice and expose our followers to the reality of what we are fighting,” Dunn said.

“We want justice for this little soul, and before there are more victims, which means we need to know who he is.

“To the little one in the video. You won’t be forgotten. We will fight for you and against what happened to you, and we won’t give up.

“To the ‘man’ in the video, justice is on its way.”

Once they had collected enough evidence it would be forwarded to police, Dunn said.

Anybody with information about the video can email [email protected] with “MAN” in the subject line.

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