South Korea

YouTube is the most used smartphone app in South Korea

Teenagers all the way up to people in their 40s in South Korea spend the most time on the YouTube app

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 May, 2018, 12:22pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 July, 2018, 6:01pm

By Jun Ji-hye

Google’s YouTube has become the most-used smartphone app in Korea, with users here having spent an average of 882 minutes last month watching video clips, according to a survey released Tuesday.

According to Seoul-based app analytics firm WiseApp, those in their teens to their 40s spent the most time on YouTube when using their smartphones.

For those in their 50s, YouTube was the second-favorite app after the nation’s largest mobile messenger app, Kakao Talk.

The analytics firm released the survey after analysing the patterns of app usage in April.

Among others, those in their teens appeared to have used the video-sharing website the most, the firm said, noting they spent a cumulative 7.6 billion minutes on YouTube last month.

“The time spent was more than the entire amount of time teenagers spent in their second-, third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-favorite apps,” an official from WiseApp said.

Teenagers spent 2.4 billion minutes using Kakao Talk, 1.6 billion minutes on Facebook, 1.1 billion minutes on Naver, 700 million minutes on Naver Webtoon and 400 million minutes using CashWalk.

Naver is the nation’s largest portal, while CashWalk is an app that pays users 1 won per 100 steps.

Those in their 20s spent 5.3 billion minutes watching video clips on YouTube, while those in their 30s 4.2 billion minutes and those in their 40s 3.8 billion minutes.

Korean users in total spent 25.8 billion minutes on YouTube. The figure increased threefold compared to 7.9 billion minutes in March 2016.

The figures were also overwhelming, compared to 18.9 billion minutes using Kakao Talk, 12.6 billion minutes on Naver and 4 billion minutes on Facebook.

WiseApp said the number of monthly active users of the YouTube app was 29.24 million, noting the average user visited the app 126 times and spent 882 minutes last month.

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