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Driver ignores mortally injured woman by roadside... and later discovers she’s his mother

Another driver later confesses to hit and run incident

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 April, 2015, 2:18pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 April, 2015, 3:44pm

A driver who ignored an injured elderly woman by the roadside later found out that the victim was his own mother, the Anhui Business Daily reported.

The man from Nanling county in Wuhu city was on his way to visit his mother early one morning last week when he spotted the badly hurt old woman next to the road. “My car does not have a dashboard recorder, so I didn’t stop,” he was quoted as saying.

When he arrived at his mother’s house, neighbours told him she had left early to visit him. An ominous feeling came over him, and he immediately drove back to the place where the woman was lying.

To his horror he discovered the woman covered in blood was his mother. He called police and an ambulance but she died on the way to hospital.

Police later found a driver who confessed to hitting the woman and fleeing the scene.

Many drivers and passers-by on the mainland are cautious about assisting injured people, especially the elderly who fall over or involved in traffic accidents.

There have been numerous incidents of Good Samaritans themselves being sued for damages by the same people they tired to help.

But the fear of helping others has created what appears to be a callous attitude to accident victims.

In an incident that sparked outrage across the country in 2011, a two-year-old girl was run over by two delivery vans at a market in Foshan, where her parents worked. Surveillance footage showed that neither driver nor 18 passers-by rendered assistance until a rubbish collector raised the alarm seven minutes later.

Ignorance proves fake nuns’ undoing

BEIJING - Five women have been detained for pretending to be Buddhist nuns and begging for alms on the street, The Beijing News reports.

The five were asking for money at a shopping mall on Saturday morning, when patrolling police officer questioned them.

They told the officer that they were from Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui province, and had come to the capital to collect money to renovate their temple.

One woman showed the police a Buddhist certificate, but the others appeared to have no clue about Buddhist prayer practices, nor could they say which Bodhisattva were they renovating the temple for.

After more questioning, they finally admitted that they were not real nuns, but had spent 100 yuan (HK$125) each to buy the nun costumes and certificates online.

Family of I.T. worker, 36, convinced he died from overwork

GUANGDONG - A 36-year-old information technology worker collapsed and died suddenly in Shenzhen last month, leaving his family to suspect it was caused by overwork, the Southern Metropolis News reports.

Guangdong. A 36-year-old information technology worker collapsed and died suddenly in Shenzhen last month, leaving his family to suspect it was caused by overwork, the Southern Metropolis News reports.

The victim’s company made him head of a project in October, which involved working past midnight most days of the week, his wife said. During a work trip on March 24, he returned to his hotel room after working past midnight and told his colleague that he did not feel well.

He sent out his last work email at 1am, and was found dead the next morning in the bathroom by a hotel worker. “I am too tired,” he told his mother a day before he collapsed.

 Teacher supports 130 stray dogs on meagre salary

GANSU - A teacher in Pingliang city has adopted more than 130 stray dogs over three years, the China News Service reports.

The dogs eat up to 70 buns, 2kg of beef liver and 5kg of dog food per meal, which costs the 50-year-old more than 5,000 yuan a month. She has also hired two helpers to take care of the dogs.

Overall, she has spent more than 80,000 yuan a year on the animals, while earning just 3,000 yuan a month. She said she could not bear to leave the animals alone when she saw them roaming the streets.

Second student leaps to death at Renmin University dorm

BEIJING - A student at Renmin University jumped to his death from his dormitory on Tuesday morning, the Beijing Times reports.

He jumped from a toilet window on the eighth floor at around 7.30am, and died at the scene.

It is the second suicide by a student at the same dormitory in six months. On Monday night, students left a bundle of white chrysanthemums on the stairs of the building in memory of the student who died six months ago.

Overcrowded bus pops a door in Wuhan 

HUBEI - A bus in Wuhan was so crowded on Saturday that its front door fell off, news website reports.

The No.643 bus was just leaving a stop at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology when its front door fell off its hinges onto the ground. Witnesses said the bus was even more crowded than usual due to the Qingming Festival.

A crowd of students had rushed onto the bus, which was heading to the train station. The bus company sent another bus to pick up the passengers. No one was hurt in the incident.

Primary school retaining wall collapses as first pupils arrive

GUANGXI - A stone-and-brick retaining wall surrounding a primary school collapsed on Tuesday morning in Dapu town, Liucheng county, the China News Service reports.

The incident took place at around 7am, as the first students were arriving at school. Nobody was hurt but some doors of nearby houses were crushed.