Nectar Gan
Nectar Gan

After spokesman for NPCSC’s Legislative Affairs Commission said High Court ruling did not comply with Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, city’s legal scholars suggest ‘ill advised’ remarks could be ‘disastrous’ for politically charged cases.

Chief executive pledges to make sure district council polls are held November 24 – but mainland mouthpiece media says citywide peace is a prerequisite.

Mainland social media users come out in strong support for the officer, compounding extensive coverage of vandalism of businesses with ties across the border.

Chen Qiushi says in YouTube video he was ‘criticised and educated’ after reporting on the unrest in the city, but ‘it’s my right to insist on speaking out’.

Petrol bombs thrown into Kowloon Tong MTR station at about 3pm on Saturday, seriously damaging facilities, police said, warning “rioters” to stop all illegal activities.

Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau is looking into the possibility of cancelling polls in areas where serious protests are taking place, a source says.

Bill also urges Trump administration to prohibit export of goods and services to state agents in Chinese region where upwards of 1 million Uygurs are being held.

Systems should direct users to approved material on subjects like Xi Jinping Thought, or which showcase the country’s economic and social development, Cyberspace Administration of China says.

While Hong Kong struggles through its long summer of discontent, its smaller neighbour is positioning itself as the very model of a modern ‘one country, two systems’ metropolis.

In a series of in-depth articles on the unrest rocking Hong Kong, the Post goes behind the headlines to look at the underlying issues, current state of affairs and where it is all heading. Here, we look at how Beijing fails to grasp the sentiment of the city.