Chinese man jailed for a year for insulting Genghis Khan

Prosecutors in Inner Mongolia complain that video of man stamping on picture of fabled warlord caused social disruption after residents complain

PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 December, 2017, 4:36pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 January, 2018, 2:26pm

A Chinese man was sentenced to one year in jail after a video of him stamping on a portrait of Genghis Khan went viral, mainland media reported on Friday.

He was charged with affecting social stability by prosecutors in Ordos, a city in Inner Mongolia, news website reported.

The man, only identified by his surname Luo, pleaded guilty and said he would not appeal when appearing at Ejin Horo People’s Court in Inner Mongolia on Tuesday.

Luo published the video of him stamping on a portrait of the Mongol warlord in May on a popular video-sharing platform Kuaishou, the report said.

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The video was shot in a Mongolian yurt in Yinchuan, capital of northwestern China’s Ningxia province, and went viral on social media in the following days.

Police in Inner Mongolia told the news site that they received complaints from residents in the province and deemed the video had caused disruption to society.

Luo apologised in court for his actions, the report said.

Known as Temujin in his childhood, Genghis Khan united the warring Mongol tribes before establishing the Mongol empire by conquering large areas of China and central Asia.

His conquests also laid the foundation for China’s Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) founded by his grandson Kublai Khan.

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Although his legacy is highly contentious, to say the least, in many of the areas he conquered and ravaged, the Great Khan has been revered for centuries by Mongolians. He is also widely respected by most Chinese as the founder of a great dynasty and empire.