Chinese man accused of beating kitten to death outside pet shop

Man reported to have gone into a rage after being refused a refund for animal he bought for a female colleague

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 March, 2018, 2:43pm
UPDATED : Monday, 16 April, 2018, 2:12pm

A Chinese man who was refused a refund after buying a kitten that turned out to be sick took his revenge by beating the animal to death, according to a local news website report.

The incident happened on Friday at a pet shop in Nanjing, capital of eastern China’s Jiangsu province, reported on Monday.

The man, who was not identified, bought the kitten several weeks earlier as a gift for a colleague, but the woman did not want it, so he took it back to the shop.

According to the report, an employee said that although the shop was unable to buy back the kitten, it would take care of it for a few days until the man decided what to do with it.

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The man did not return to the store until about two weeks later, and that time was insistent he wanted a refund, claiming that he had been sold a sick animal.

When the shop refused to move on its no-refund policy, the man asked the employee to give him back the kitten.

He then took it outside and smashed its head on the concrete pavement. Moments later he discarded the animal and walked away.

The employee told the police what had happened, but the report did not say if any action had been taken.

Although China has drafted a law on animal protection, it has never been passed by parliament.