Alice Yan
Alice Yan
Social news reporter, China
Alice Yan is a Shanghai-based social and medical news reporter. She started her journalism career in 2003 and has degrees in economics and public administration.

The difficulties raising giant pandas in captivity are in the news after a Chinese zoo said hundreds of CVs it received for panda keeper roles yielded zero suitable applicants.

Millions on mainland social media shocked by story about a seven-year-old girl who threw her four-year-old neighbour into a five-metre-deep well and left him before he was rescued.

A loving son trying to help his mother after the recent death of his father is discovered up late washing his shoes, with the thoughtful gesture moving the woman to tears in an emotional video.


Chinese education authorities are investigating a teacher after she kicked a father out of a parent-teacher chat group for a comment criticising homework expectations for his child.

A couple in China having pre-wedding photos taken by a lake came across a girl struggling in the water prompting the groom-to-be to leap into the water and save her with the help of their photographer.

An undercover investigation has exposed China’s booming rent-a-girlfriend industry, which caters to single men needing a “girlfriend” to introduce to parents demanding they marry or show off to neighbours.


A 73-year-old man who left his family in Shanghai to live illegally in the US returns and is seeking half his wife’s assets in a case that has inflamed mainland public opinion.

The Ritz-Carlton is accused of running a shoddy operation after a woman trapped in the bathroom of one of its Beijing hotels had a panic attack before using a cable tie to break out.

A teenage girl who dropped her entire weekly living allowance and was forced to kneel in tears and beg a woman who picked up the money to return it has gone viral on mainland social media.

A Devon Rex cat has catapulted to fame after her designer owner posted a series of pictures of her in period costumes that would befit figures ranging from European royalty to Eastern princesses.


A former graphic designer in China has trended online after using her creative talents to turn leftover cardboard boxes into large toys including a giant playhouse and a Transformer car for her children to play with.

A mother in China posting online about her travels with her daughters noticed how many other parents asked her for advice on having fun and bonding with kids and started her own holiday fun business.

A video trending in China of a 28-year-old woman begging her parents to allow her to use her own money, which she says they withhold from her, to buy a pair of shoes in a store shocks mainland internet.

A young man in China who revealed he made large sums of money during his undergraduate degree study has inspired some but angered others who say he should have been focused on learning.

An influential figure in her own right, Cheng Hong, the wife of outgoing Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, is set to embrace a fresh future as the world marks International Women’s Day.

A viral video of students cooking meals over fires in the open trends online in mainland China, but some express concern about a lack of supervision and fire risks.

Chinese social media users shocked by the existence of cheap micro hotel rooms with a toilet next to the bed in a provincial capital are fiercely debating the merits and value of these small rooms.

A Chinese woman’s story of how she went from a poor primary school dropout stuck in low-paying jobs to a PhD student at a top university inspires mainland social media.


A couple who abandoned China’s competitive workplace culture to join the growing “lying flat” lifestyle of doing just enough to get by have reignited debate on the controversial movement.


A man who used stencilling and lighting effects to make a “necklace” for his girlfriend has captivated mainland Chinese social media, dazzling people with his creativity and clever take on a romantic gift.

A Chinese shopping website’s list of the top five ugliest things on sale has led to an unexpected flurry of interest in items including a brain-shaped hat, a human face phone case and a green horse head costume.

A video capturing the loving relationship between a devoted Border Collie and its owner as she fights breast cancer has moved millions on mainland Chinese social media.

A 16-year-old girl in China has made a daring escape at a roadside service station after her parents sold her to another family for a forced marriage to an older man she had never met.

A Good Samaritan in China with a walking disability tries to warn a shop owner about a fire when a sudden blast sent him flying and left him badly hurt with trending CCTV footage arousing widespread sympathy.

A divorced couple in China have won a court case after a hospital IVF blunder left them unknowingly raising another couple’s son for 10 years, but the fate of their embryo remains a mystery.

A video of a little boy in China begging his cat not to moult after his parents said they were getting rid of the pet has been watched by millions, with many criticising the parents as cruel.

Millions in China were amazed at a woman’s love for her daughter after viewing a video showing her waiting anxiously outside an operating room for news of her child and paying little attention to her newborn grandson.

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