No love lost as rejected boyfriend’s gifts land him behind bars in China

Man files police report over stolen property after ex-girlfriend takes presents but turns down offer to get back together

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 August, 2018, 4:19pm
UPDATED : Monday, 20 August, 2018, 4:19pm

A jilted boyfriend will spend a week in detention in eastern China for falsely claiming to police that his ex-girlfriend had stolen 80,000 yuan (US$11,635) in gifts he had given her, a Chinese news site reported on the weekend.

The man, identified only as Shi, gave the woman a 10,000 yuan Apple iPhone and 70,000 yuan bracelet in Hangzhou, Jiangsu province, on August 10 in the hope that the two would reconcile, only for the request to be rejected, news service reported.

The next day Shi went to a police station to report the goods as stolen, prompting an investigation, the report said.

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In footage uploaded to video-sharing website Miaopai by The Beijing News, police officer Han Jinqiao said Shi offered the gifts as an olive branch to the woman.

“He prepared two gifts for her, and said that even if they could not be a couple, they could be friends. The woman said yes and took the gifts,” Han said.

But Shi “felt hurt” that the woman accepted the gifts while rejecting him, and sought to recover the phone and bracelet by filing the report, the officer said.

The woman said Shi gave the items to her, and he and a friend tried to bully her into giving them back.

The police negotiated the return of the gifts but detained Shi for a week for filing a false police report.