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Canto-pop star Andy Lau cancels remaining four Hong Kong shows because of flu

  • The 57-year-old interrupted his show in tears on Friday night after an inflamed throat prevented him from singing
  • Promoters have advised ticket holders to keep their tickets pending arrangements
PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 December, 2018, 10:19pm
UPDATED : Monday, 31 December, 2018, 7:35am

The promoter of Andy Lau Tak-wah’s concerts has announced that all four of his remaining shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum will be cancelled as the superstar struggles to recover from flu.

The announcement, which had been eagerly awaited by Lau’s fans and concert ticket holders, said the 57-year-old had been diagnosed with flu on Sunday and needed to take a full rest as advised by his doctor.

The four remaining shows, running from Monday to Thursday, will be cancelled.

On Friday night, soon after his 14th show as part of a 20-concert series in his “My Love Andy Lau World Tour”, Lau, overwhelmed by his throat infection, halted the music in the midway of his fourth song and told the audience that the show had to end.

“The doctor said I shouldn’t sing any more, but I really can’t bear to let go,” the emotional Lau told thousands of people in the audience, while offering a tearful apology.

The following day, the concert promoter Focus Entertainment Limited said the shows on Saturday and Sunday (December 29 and 30) would also be cancelled so that “Mr Lau will be able to continue to perform after some proper rest”.

The concerts, running from December 15 to January 3, form the first leg of Lau’s world tour.

On the concerts’ Facebook page Lau’s fans left comments of support.

Facebook user “Kelly Ka” urged Lau to take care of himself: “We need to see you until you are 80 years old.”

“Shiau Ning Wen” said Lau’s performances on December 26 and 27 scored 100 out of 100 and advised him to rest well, saying his fans would love him forever, while “Moon Leung” complimented Lau for completing more than 10 shows and encouraged him to get back on stage once he was better.

Elsewhere on Facebook, a fan from Malaysia said she had arrived in Hong Kong on Saturday with her mother, a fan of Lau for 30 years. She said she had four tickets for the New Year’s Day show but was now going to miss it.

She said: “Don’t refund the tickets, but reschedule the shows. I will wait no matter how long. And no matter how hard it will be, I will bring my mom to watch you.”