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Quirky news: boy chef cooks for class and the most inconvenient convenience store. Photo: SCMP Artwork

Quirky China: boy aged 6 called ‘Little Cook God’, most ‘inconvenient’ store, dad buys son toilet to help with homework

  • A little boy has wowed China with his cooking abilities, although his father is a former chef who helped him
  • A convenience store in Central China has been dubbed the ‘most inconvenient’ due to its location on the side of a cliff

A six-year-old Chinese boy has been hailed as a “Little Cook God” for his culinary skills with various foods.

Kindergartener Wang Yunchen from Lishui in Zhejiang province, eastern China, started learning how to cook a few years ago from his father, who is a former hotel chef, the City Express reported.

The boy said he learned cooking so that he could make food for his mother, who is often busy working.

At age four, Yunchen could prepare claypot rice, a traditional dish from southern China that involves cutting sausages into thin slices.

The boy’s fellow pupils at school were amazed at his abilities in the kitchen. Photo: City Express

When his teacher asked children to bring cooking utensils to learn cooking earlier this month, the boy brought an electric stove and cooked omelettes. His classmates were so impressed they asked children from other classes to come and taste his cooking.

Yunchen can also make scrambled eggs with tomatoes and fried Chinese yam, said his mother. He also washes up, cleans clothes and sweeps the floor.

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“As a boy, he should learn to do household chores,” his mother said. “When he grows up and gets married, sharing the burden of housework with his wife will make his life happier.”

Nothing says convenience like a store up a cliff face

A tiny convenience store in a tour zone in central China has been called “the most inconvenient” store for being built on the side of a cliff.

The 2 square metre shop, which can hold one person inside, usually the storekeeper, and stands 120 metres above the surrounding countryside, has been open for four years in the Shiniuzhai Scenic Zone in Hunan, in Central China, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

A store in China up a cliff face challenges the meaning of convenience. Photo: Baidu

Supported by steel bars, it looks like an air-conditioner hanging off the wall of a building.

The store sells water and snacks for mountain climbers who can pay by cash or can scan a QR code. The prices are the same as those in stores on the ground, the report said.

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Shop staff either carry goods up to the store or climb up using ropes.

“Many tourists are thankful for our store, saying it is like an energy petrol station. This makes us feel our work here is meaningful,” said one worker.

Father buys son toilet to help with homework

A Chinese father has bought a toilet for his eight-year-old son and told him to sit on it while doing his homework.

The father said he is hoping to break the boy’s habit of wanting to use the bathroom whenever it is homework time.

A father in China makes his son do homework while on the toilet. Photo:

The man, surnamed Sun, lives in Dalian, Liaoning province, northeastern China, said he did not have any other choice, but to buy a real toilet for his son who is a second-grade primary school student, news site reported.

“Let’s see if he will change his habits and if he can concentrate on doing homework,” he said.

The father said many other parents told him that their children also have the same problem.