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5-year-old Chinese girl went viral over her excitement after being reelected as class monitor. Photo: SCMP composite

‘I made it happen’: adorable 5-year-old Chinese girl’s talk with dad about being re-elected as class monitor amuses social media

  • The girl was very excited about becoming the class monitor for her kindergarten
  • Her ‘speech’ amused mainland Chinese internet users, who were charmed by her optimism

Nothing is more adorable than seeing a child overcome with excitement and pride after a recent accomplishment.

In China, a five-year-old girl went viral after her father recorded a “speech” she gave to him regarding being appointed as the class monitor in her kindergarten.
According to Henan Television, the father, surnamed Zhang, congratulated the girl in a car on their way home.
“Congratulations on being elected class monitor,” Zhang said.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s not a big deal, I’m so used to it,” the girl answered.

The father was quiet to allow his daughter to continue talking. Photo: Weibo

Expecting that his daughter would keep on talking, Zhang did not respond to her musings. Proved correct, the girl continued to talk.


“I believe that I have all the qualifications to be a class monitor. I made it happen last year, and I did it again this year,” the girl added.

The girl then said she wanted to share the good news with her mother and give her the cakes as a gift. Zhang jokingly asked: “You and I are happy, isn’t that enough? Do we have to share this news with your mum?”

Not understanding the sarcasm, the girl made a charming effort to try to convince her father that it would be a waste if they did not share the cakes with her mother. Plus, she made an excellent point that they rely on her to cook for them.

The father “reluctantly” agreed and the girl then took a piece of cake out of the box she was holding and gave it to him.


“She is very smart and thoughtful. No matter what it is, she will always think a step further,” Zhang said.

The video of the girl went viral, with over 6.2 million views, with many saying the girl had melted their hearts.

The video melted hearts in China. Photo: Weibo

One said: “She is so lovely. I wish I had a daughter like her.”


Another said: “Her class is blessed to have such an optimistic monitor.”

Delightful children have been a core part of social media almost from the moment their presence was created.

In early September, a two-year-old boy in Shanghai who helped his mother with the housework, such as washing clothes and mopping the floor, became a top topic in China as people cooed over his attempt to complete the chores.


In July this year, two child calligraphers, who were cousins, in China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province, astounded people with their mastery of the ancient and skill-based art form.