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A mother teaches her daughter stretching techniques, but some people online thought she was too young. Photo: SCMP composite

‘Winning at the starting line’: toddler imitates professional dancing mother, delighting Chinese social media and prompting caution criticism

  • The little girl was recorded showing off her flexibility with a deep hamstring and back stretch
  • But many people online said the mother was being irresponsible to allow such a young girl to learn how to dance

A toddler in China may be discovering her passion for dancing, as the one-and-a-half-year-old girl spends her days imitating the demanding moves at her mother’s dance studio.

The girl from Zhejiang province in eastern China, who remained unidentified, could not stop copying the dance moves, according to Star Video.
The mother, who also remained anonymous, is a professional dancer, and she owns the dance studio, so she enjoys bringing her daughter to her workplace with her. Every time the girl shows up, she gets busy imitating different moves.

“Her flexibility is excellent and she enjoys moving,” the mother said.

The mother adjusts her daughter’s position during a stretch. Photo: Baidu

In the video, the baby girl is seen sitting with her legs splayed out almost in the splits, stretching her legs and back by grabbing one of her feet. Displaying flexibility that would make adults jealous, the girl then places her head under one of her arms and sits peacefully.

At one point, the mother came over to help adjust the girl’s posture, with the toddler showing no strain on her flexibility when she moved.

Later, the toddler was recorded standing on a yoga block, seemingly imitating an older girl who was doing the same thing in front of her.

The mother also said that because she is a professional dancer, she understood how to teach her baby girl the foundations to help her learn dancing. She gave her child a reminder that she should not copy dancers who are not professionals.

At the time of writing, the video had attracted 100,000 views. Many online users were amused, while a few cautioned that the mother should be more careful.

One said: “The girl is so adorable, but she is too young to learn to dance, so the mother should pay more attention to her child.”

The little girl stands on a yoga block to learn how to dance. Photo: Baidu

Online, people were predictably cynical and most comments said the mother was being irresponsible or, at the very least, ignoring other children in her class for her own daughter.

However, one commenter wrote with a sense of humour: “She is 18 months old and can dance, while my son is 15 months old and cannot walk.”

Another said: “The lovely girl wins at the starting line.”

Stories about amusing children are popular on Chinese social media and frequently go viral. Earlier this month, a three-year-old boy in Beijing played at being a doctor by giving his six pet cats Covid-19 tests.

In September, the excited ramblings of a kindergarten student who was just re-elected as class monitor went viral as people were charmed by her enthusiasm and optimism.